14 AppSumo Alternatives That You Need To Know About

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Are you a business owner who came across AppSumo and is now looking for AppSumo alternatives?

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In this blog post, we will discuss 14 AppSumo alternatives that you need to know about to grow your business successfully.

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What is AppSumo? 

Many alternatives to AppSumo will give you more or less the same value, but knowing more about both options can help completely change the game for your biz.

Why? Because then you can make an informed decision and get the best value for your money.

So first, let’s discuss AppSumo itself.

Founded in 2010 by Noah Kagan, AppSumo is a website that aims to help entrepreneurs save time and cut down their costs.

In other words, they offer a variety of SaaS deals, including lifetime deals, at discounted prices. 

Over the years, AppSumo has garnered a loyal following of entrepreneurs and small businesses with its game-changing offers of software and digital tools. 

Since its launch, AppSumo has helped 1.5M+ entrepreneurs. 

It has been featured in renowned publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Product Hunt, etc.

AppSumo partners with new, old, and upcoming software companies to ensure that users have access to all possible tools they need to upgrade their business. 

Some of AppSumo’s famous previous lifetime deals include Zapier, Krisp, and Hopin.

Moreover, the discounts go up to 95%, and they also have freebies.

There’s also AppSumo Plus, which is a membership program priced at only $99/year.

Through this program, users get 10% off every deal price and immediate FREE access to foundational tools like SendFox, EmailBadge, and ShortySMS.

AppSumo Plus also offers members-only deals, extended access to all deals along with their Masterclass Library, and an exclusive private community for entrepreneurs. 

Overall, AppSumo is for both SaaS startups and other startups looking for SaaS tools—one can sell (and market), and the other can purchase (and save).

A win-win for both parties.

How Does AppSumo Work? 

What started with a $50 project has now become a multi-million dollar business.

But how does it work?

Every week, AppSumo releases more than ten different offers.

These offers are for a limited time only (usually 2 weeks), so users have to decide within the given timeframe.

To help make this decision easier, AppSumo provides sufficient information about each app that’s on the deal with a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

There are also video reviews from AppSumo and users of the software.

At any given time, there are multiple deals available on the platform. 

AppSumo Pros and Cons

Like with anything else, AppSumo has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages that you might want to consider to make an informed decision.

Here’s a detailed list of the pros and cons of AppSumo. 


Bigger Discounts

One of the main benefits of AppSumo is that it offers crazy discounts on its vast range of software tools and products, which sometimes even go up to 95% off.

Since solopreneurs and early-stage startups are often on a tight budget and are looking to save up money for any opportunity they have, this is a great benefit.

By offering massive deals where customers get yearly or lifetime access to a tool for a fraction of its original price, AppSumo caters to the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses without breaking the bank.

Daily deals and discounts are one of the main USPs (unique selling points) of AppSumo that attract customers who are looking to be economical.

Lot of Deals

AppSumo does not just offer great discounts on small hand-picks of software, but it also has a wide network of partners that allows it to offer discounts on vast products and services.

From marketing, productivity, design, education, e-commerce, and more, AppSumo has something for every customer’s needs. 

Also, it features innovative software and tools that you might not find elsewhere.


Moreover, being one of the largest and most trusted digital product distributors, AppSumo has built a reputation for itself.

It is known for having top-notch software and digital tools at discounted prices and for always backing the products it sells. 

If you have any queries, you can join their social media community, where customers interact and share feedback. 

The 60-Day Money-back guarantee

Get a good thing with no risks and no strings attached? That’s the dream!

Fortunately, AppSumo wants you to take a risk-free approach to investing in new tools and software. 

So, with its money-back guarantee, AppSumo removes all the doubts from the customer’s mind when they come to make a purchase. 

When you buy a new software or digital tool, you would not know from the get-go if it is the right fit for your business strategy.

The edge you get with buying from AppSumo is that you can purchase the software, and in case you’re not satisfied or find the software not suitable for your requirements, you can ask for a refund within 60 days of buying. 

The money-back policy ensures that you try out new software and digital tools without fearing your money going to waste or having doubts and delaying your decision to buy a product that might be good for your business.

Promotion to a wide audience

If you’re a SaaS founder or a startup wanting to launch your software or digital tool with a lifetime deal campaign, AppSumo can easily become your go-to platform.

We say this because AppSumo has over 1.5 million tech-savvy members who are looking forward to using groundbreaking digital tools, offering the perfect opportunity to reach target customers. 

So, partnering with AppSumo will generate revenue and also help you get exposure, feedback, and customers for your product.


Now, let’s look at the cons.

Customer service 

From tools for social media management to email marketing automation, from deals and discounts to a 60-day money-back guarantee, AppSumo offers a lot to its members. 

However, it lags behind when it comes to customer service, which is one of the essential departments of any platform or business.

Some users have had a negative experience with AppSumo’s customer service, experiencing delays in response time or having difficulty resolving issues with their accounts. 

Although there are lots of positive reviews about AppSumo’s customer service, many have reported that it was not what they expected and that they were unhappy or unsatisfied.

Higher Percentage Revenue Share

This platform has one major drawback, which puts many SaaS founders who want to offer their products on this platform on the back foot.

AppSumo takes 70% of the revenue from the sales you make, meaning you only receive 30%.

AppSumo justifies this percentage share by explaining that marketing costs use 40% of the revenue, and the remaining 60% is distributed equally to you and AppSumo.

This can lead to a significant loss in revenue for the SaaS founders, especially those with high-end products that can sell well without such huge discounts.

Although a 70% take rate could seem devastating, AppSumo gives a 130% commission to partners for every new buyer using their exclusive partner link. 

This system is especially advantageous for those actively promoting their products.

Strict and lengthy approval process

If you’re looking to partner with AppSumo, it has a reputation for being slow with the approval process. 

However, it’s not really the platform’s flaw–AppSumo is a prominent site with strict standards and expectations, rejecting many and accepting few. 

Many applicants wait in the queue to go through the approval process, so it might take some time for your turn to come.

Also, since it has set a high standard for the products it features, not every product will receive a green signal.

Not a guarantee

Another drawback of AppSumo is that it doesn’t guarantee success for SaaS founders and customers who purchase products from the platform. 

Although there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee for customers, after 60 days, if the product starts malfunctioning or doesn’t live up to expectations, AppSumo doesn’t take responsibility for this.

There’s also no guarantee for SaaS founders that they’ll gain enough exposure, feedback, and revenue from their deals on AppSumo.

Deals Expire Quickly

AppSumo undoubtedly offers the best deals and discounts on digital products, but those deals are only short-lived.

It’s frustrating for users when they’re eyeing a discount offer for some time, and the next day they open AppSumo, it’s gone.

Since discounts are there for a limited time, customers have to act fast and buy the product.

It is one of the disadvantages as it creates pressure and a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind, and it may leave customers with less time to research.

Immature products

Some SaaS founders sell immature products on AppSumo, meaning products that promise new features in the future.

As discussed above, AppSumo doesn’t take a guarantee for any product that doesn’t function well in the future, so investing in an immature product will always be a risk.

AppSumo Alternatives

For solopreneurs and early-stage startups, having access to the best tools and software is like oxygen, but you also need to save as much money as you possibly can.

So, to consider marketplaces like AppSumo is a wise move.

But what if it doesn’t have what you’re looking for or if you’re looking to try something new? 

Or perhaps you are launching a SaaS product and want to publish your LTD campaign on every platform possible?

Is AppSumo the only good website you can use? 

Absolutely not!

There are many different AppSumo alternatives for business owners looking to purchase SaaS tools and those looking to sell.

These websites not only offer exclusive deals on products and services from top providers like Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, etc., but they also have different categories and niches for their offers like CRM, Analytics, SEO, Lead Generation, etc.

Now that we’ve discussed everything you need to know about AppSumo, let’s take things a step further and discuss the 14 AppSumo alternatives:

SaaS Mantra

Founded in 2016, SaasMantra has helped 58,000+ business owners find the right SaaS tools, and has launched more than 200+ SaaS products on SaaSMantra so far.  

What really sets them apart is that they always work with the tool’s developer to create the best presentation for it on their website. 

That is great if you’re someone looking to get your product listed.

For solopreneurs, the best features offered by SaasMantra apart from the discounted tools are:

  • 60-day refund policy
  • FREE business-focused courses and tutorials
  • Team of marketing and sales experts and SaaS Founders

However, one thing to know about them is that most of the tools that SaasMantra offers are in Beta.

SaaSPirate Deals

Next on the list, we have SaasPirate—a popular alternative to AppSumo.

SaaSPirate prides itself in ensuring that all offers are authentic and that they have plenty of discounts—up to 90%.

The site is visited by 15,000+ people every month and used by 7,500+ entrepreneurs. 

All deals present on the app come directly from the founders, too. 

Currently, they have over 5,000 companies and developers.

Moreover, SaaSPirate Deals has categories for their offers, including CRM, eCommerce, and Analytics. 

Watch this video to understand SaaSPirate better:


StackSocial is a SaaS marketplace that was launched at around the same time as AppSumo.

StackSocial has seen a lot of growth over the years but has not grown nearly as much as AppSumo has.

That’s because AppSumo and StackSocial are not completely the same. 

Instead, StackSocial is a broader platform.

It offers deals for SaaS products as well as other things like appliances, courses, gadgets, and even places like Costco!

Although that sounds like an upside, it is mainly a downside for entrepreneurs looking solely for SaaS tools—you may not always see deals for what you’re looking for.

However, it can serve as an AppSumo alternative because navigation on the website is easy.


Dealify offers almost the same features as AppSumo and is ideal for Growth Hackers, Solopreneurs, Founders, and Marketers looking for deals that offer the most value for money.

It has discounts of up to 95% off for software, books, and products — all of which are hand-picked by their team. 

Dealify also has a customer ratings and reviews feature to help you decide on what to purchase.

It also has a Dealify+ membership program, which has almost the same features as AppSumo at just $99/year. 


Now, PitchGround is more than a simple software marketplace.

Harboring an Education-first approach towards entrepreneurship, PG offers its own business solutions to entrepreneurs alongside having the usual features of a SaaS marketplace.

According to a blog feature by TMC Net, when marketplan.io used the service for 3 weeks, they were able to get 2,000+ new customers and generate a revenue of $100,000.

So, for SaaS founders, PitchGround is for sure a good place to launch their product.

PitchGround has also recently launched its PG VIP program.

Prime Club Lifetime Deals

Founded by Dev Hisaria in 2022, Prime Club Lifetime Deals is another lifetime deals community with a website and a Facebook group. 

They are known for bringing the best SaaS deals from established companies like SpyFu, Crello, MooSend, etc.

Prime Club is also known for its selectiveness—it does not accept everyone into its community and thoroughly researches each profile before letting them in.


Founded by Charlie Patel, RocketHub is a great alternative to AppSumo.

Offering discounts of up to a whopping 98%, RocketHub is a SaaS marketplace offering reliable lifetime deals at nominal prices.

Some of the categories on their website include software products, including marketing, productivity, and design tools.

RocketHub aims to provide entrepreneurs with a platform that is 100% founder-centric. 

Additionally, RocketHub has a proven track record of helping multiple SaaS companies and agencies succeed.

They also have a 30-day refund policy.


From cloud servers and marketing tools to WordPress plugins and SEO tools, DigitalThink offers exclusive LTDs for many software services.

With them, you can get 20% off on lifetime deals and access all future product updates.  

All of the products and services offered at DigitalThink are hand-picked by their team and verified. 

There is also an option to view ratings and reviews by previous buyers alongside a 30-day refund policy.


Next on the list of AppSumo alternatives, we have DealMirror

It is a great alternative, especially for those developing or looking for B2B software.

Founded in 2016, DealMirror specializes in B2B SaaS and operates in 82 countries worldwide.

So far, they have built a user base of 1 million users and have launched 2,000 startups.

DealMirror also gives out freebies and conducts giveaways; paid tools range from $7 to $199. 

Moreover, they offer 24/7/365 responsive customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee (60 days for premium users).

LTDF Group

Founded by Tracey Lorenson, the Lifetime Tech Deal Fans (LTDF) Group is a well-known Facebook group where entrepreneurs can find some of the best and latest software deals.

It is an active group with 13k members, and you can expect curated deals and exclusive lifetime deals.

MarTech Wise Group

MarTech Wise is also an FB group for agency owners, digital marketers, SaaS founders, and entrepreneurs; founded in 2018 and managed by Donald Chan.

As the name suggests, MarTech specializes in the Marketing Technology niche, and members frequently discuss the latest deals.

They aim to become the #1 resource for early-stage startups to grow their business successfully.

Inside the group, can also find many reviews for different services in the same niche. 

Overall, there are about 5 posts a day in this group.


On number twelve, we have DealFuel—an alternative for AppSumo, but a platform that is not just for business owners!

It is also for web developers, designers, and marketers.

DealFuel is a multifaceted platform with many different multi-purpose tools and assets like PCs, Junk Cleaners, etc.

What’s more, alongside deals, some of these assets are also sometimes given away for free. 

Ken Moo SaaS LTDs

Ken Moo SaaS Lifetime Deals is an active Facebook community dedicated to everything related to SaaS Lifetime Deals (LTDs). 

With over 16,000 members, this digital hub has grown into a bustling marketplace where members enthusiastically share, discuss, and dissect the best SaaS LTDs available across different platforms. 

It is more than a space to share insights on new LTDs—it’s a platform for SaaS enthusiasts to learn and share knowledge.

From mini-reviews to valuable guides to insightful analysis on trending SaaS LTDs, this group is the best source of information if you’re looking to invest in the right SaaS product.

Unlike other Facebook groups, Ken Moo SaaS Lifetime Deals stands out with its strong sense of community, where each individual strives to support and help other members.   

Also, regular promos and giveaways are carried out by Ken Moo in the group, creating an engaging and vibrant atmosphere.


If you’re looking for a platform with similar lifetime deals(LTDs) to AppSumo, SaaSZilla is the perfect alternative.

SaaSZilla, with its curated SaaS marketplace, offers some high-quality LTD products. 

It stands out with its rigorous selection process that comprises hand-picking, analyzing, and testing each SaaS product before featuring it on the marketplace. 

The team puts extra effort into selecting products to feature on their marketplace, ensuring only the top-notch ones make it to the list.

Moreover, customer satisfaction is one of the core values of SaaSZilla’s operations. The dedicated support team can listen, understand, and find effective solutions to customers’ queries.


Congratulations! You now know all the best alternatives of AppSumo alternatives and everything AppSumo.

If you think AppSumo does not cut for you, it’s okay—you do not need to compromise on your business functionality.

You can still find great SaaS tools and software deals on other platforms and online communities.

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Good luck!

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