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Mastering the Startup Game: Shaun Gold’s Journey as a Solopreneur

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Welcome to a new feature in our BizStack Solopreneur Spotlight series, where we traverse the motivations, daily lives, and insights of individuals who’ve carved a niche for themselves in the sprawling solopreneur landscape. Today, we’re thrilled to present an exclusive interview with Shaun Gold, a name synonymous with versatility and influence in the startup ecosystem.

A Glimpse Into Gold’s Universe

Describing Shaun Gold is no small feat. As a lifelong entrepreneur, 2x Amazon best-selling author, international speaker, advisor, and so much more, Shaun embodies the spirit of a true polymath. His ventures span from aiding startups through Review My Pitch Deck to dabbling in screenwriting and production. Not to mention, Shaun’s intellectual prowess was showcased on the stage of Jeopardy!

Yet, what truly sets him apart is his unyielding dedication to connecting, advising, and lifting startups and standouts in the industry. Amidst this multifaceted career, Shaun kindly took the time to share his experiences, insights, and advice for aspiring solopreneurs with me.

Shaun Gold, with a slight smile and dressed in a navy blue shirt, poses against a vivid purple background.
Shaun Gold, founder of Review My Pitch Deck

A Week in the Life of Shaun Gold

When asked about what a typical week looks like for him, Shaun paints a picture of variability and excitement:

“Every week is different, which makes it exciting. Some days I am reviewing pitch decks for startups while other days I could be ghostwriting for funds or startups, guest lecturing at a major university, or appearing on a panel.”

Shaun Gold

This vibrant mix of activities not only underlines Shaun’s diverse skill set but also his commitment to making a tangible impact in the startup ecosystem.

The Toolbox of a Solopreneur

In today’s digital age, staying connected and efficient is paramount, especially for a solopreneur. Shaun elaborates on the tools that have become indispensable to his daily operations:

  • Google Documents
  • Google Meet/Zoom
  • Slack
  • Whatsapp

These tools not only streamline his workflow but also ensure that Shaun remains in constant, seamless communication with his global clientele.

Growing an Online Presence

With the internet awash with content and voices clamoring for attention, standing out can be a formidable challenge. For Shaun, the formula for growth has been centered around two critical strategies:

  • Referrals: Leveraging the power of word-of-mouth.
  • Presence: Maintaining an omnipresent online persona through articles, podcasts, and more.

Productivity Hacks for the Busy Solopreneur

Managing a plethora of tasks single-handedly requires more than just dedication; it necessitates smart work. Shaun shares some of his personal productivity hacks:

  • Exercise and frequent, phone-free walking breaks to declutter the mind.
  • Adhering to a strict work cut-off time to ensure rest and relaxation.

These strategies not only bolster productivity but also safeguard mental well-being, a vital aspect often overlooked in the grind of entrepreneurship.

Overcoming Solopreneurial Challenges

Every journey has its hurdles, and Shaun’s has been no exception. Identifying and collaborating with the right people has been his greatest challenge, a sentiment many solopreneurs can resonate with. His approach to overcoming this bottleneck?

Strive for excellence and professionalism: A mantra that has guided him in forging valuable, long-term professional relationships.

Notable Achievements and Insights

Shaun’s journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. Among his myriad achievements, a couple that stand out include:

  • Becoming a 2x Amazon best-selling author.
  • Being the focus of a case study on content in the book Contemporary Entrepreneurship by Routledge Press.

When asked about advice for aspiring solopreneurs, Shaun’s message is clear and potent:

“Do it if you are going to do it. Too many people don’t take action, but it is only through action that they can be successful. Dive in and correct mistakes as they come.”

Shaun Gold

Shaun Gold’s Lightning Round

In this lightning round, I asked Shaun Gold to answer 12 rapid-fire questions:

What’s something that’s in your pocket right now, besides your phone?


Artificial intelligence: hope or dread?


Your favorite place to think big?

The park

If you were out of business tomorrow, what job would you pursue?


One object from your childhood you could never throw away?

My books

One feature you wish your phone had?


Your favorite mobile app?


The book that most influenced you?

The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Messy desk or clean desk?


One thing you always have in your fridge?


Your favorite time-saving hack?

The ability to say no.

Best movie ever?

I can’t pick just one

Connecting with Shaun Gold

If Shaun’s story has sparked an interest, he extends an invitation to connect:

  • For insights regarding startups and VC, connect with him on LinkedIn.
  • For help with pitch decks or other startup-related advice, visit Review My Pitch Deck.

Shaun Gold’s journey is a compelling narrative of innovation, determination, and the relentless pursuit of growth. His experiences offer invaluable insights and inspiration for both burgeoning and seasoned solopreneurs alike. The tapestry of his professional endeavors highlights the limitless potential of the entrepreneurial spirit, setting a benchmark for what’s achievable with passion and perseverance.

We hope this spotlight on Shaun Gold ignites a spark within you to pursue or continue your solopreneurial ventures with renewed vigor and ambition.

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