The Best 26 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should See

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Starting your own business is something like beginning a new part of your life. This is why, as an entrepreneur or solopreneur, it is imperative to seek inspiration and gain insights across various sources constantly. After all, in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, it will take a lot of hard work, determination, and an element of luck, of course. We know not all startups reach the success gate, but if you are a beginner, then you surely need inspiration from as many sources as possible to ensure you are one of the success stories you read about. 

Being an entrepreneur does not mean you always have to be constantly working, it’s also useful to find inspiration in the little time you get. And what better than Whether you already have a business venture, are just starting up, or have been at it for years, we have compiled a list of the top 10 movies every entrepreneur should see. These movies will surely start a fire in your belly to take over the business world and get through the rough patches. Here are the ten inspiring movies entrepreneurs and business owners need to watch as soon as possible. Every movie on the list has some special story, message, or lesson all entrepreneurs should watch and learn. 


Best Movies for Every Entrepreneur Out There: 

1 The Social Network (2010)

On the first of our list is The Social Network movie, which details the challenging path of Facebook’s beginnings when Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin’s entrepreneurial mind launched this venture at Harvard dorm to get back in touch with his ex-girlfriend. Directed by David Fincher, this movie is full of exclusive drama about building a business, how it grows and takes over the world, and becomes its own universal language. With Facebook’s current position in the market, this business movie is a must-watch for any business owner who dreams of making it big. The movie “The Social Network” captures the archetypes of entrepreneurship and the rise of the tech world in Silicon Valley.

2 Pursuit of Happyness (2006) 

If you have started your entrepreneurial journey, you probably know it will be full of ups and downs. This outside the box movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness,” offers a great source of inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs, especially during the downs. Based on the true story of entrepreneur Chris Gardner, this is a classic Hollywood movie full of fist-pumping moments that will ignite your fire to drive toward the path of success. In this movie, Gardner never stops fighting, even when everyone puts him down and all odds are against him. His story from the movie makes you learn how to come back from failures, stay passionate, and have a never-give-up attitude. 

3 JOY (2015) 

In the list of best movies for entrepreneurs, we have JOY, another true-to-life entrepreneur movie. Based on the business magnate Joy Mangano, this movie follows the story of how she worked on her dim future until she came up with an idea for a revolutionary cleaning product called the Miracle Mop. The movie’s plot is a strong motivation for entrepreneurs who are interested in seizing opportunities and want to run a successful business. While struggling in her personal life, she threw herself into the entrepreneurial world and worked on making her business idea a reality. The reason why it’s one of the must-watch movies because there are very few movies about small businesses that capture the things that go behind in making things happen.

4 The Big Short (2015) 

Based on the bestseller book by Michael Lewis of the same name, The Big Short movie shares the story of three individuals who predicted and profited from the 2007-2008 global financial crisis. The movie serves as a cautionary tale for entrepreneurs; it teaches them the importance of taking risks and committing conviction. It was almost an unheard-of concept where people bet against the housing market, but these people really did that and were clever enough to make money by foreseeing all the chaos. The rest of the world eventually suffered, but with the right entrepreneurial mindset, they were able to grasp the success they wanted. Truly a great movie, one can’t miss out on watching if starting something new. 

5 The Devil Wears Prada (2006) 

The Devil Wears Prada

Another funny but positive message movie entrepreneurs or someone who is just entering the professional world must watch is The Devil Wears Prada. The movie tells the tale of a young woman determined to make it to a publishing house and how she powers up herself with all the success. The movie counters the idea that corporate success and massive wealth indicate a happy life and instead uncovers the emptiness of such endeavors. The movie showcases how the lead moves on from her experience and is able to follow through to fulfill her original dream of becoming a journalist. 

6 Startup.Com (2001) 


Although it’s not a movie, this little-known documentary actually discusses startups. It looks into the rise and fall of promising startup GOVWORKS, which failed monumentally from mismanagement and internal power struggles. Despite raising funds from reputable investors, the startup failed. If you want to learn more about the boom of internet companies, will be your go-to watch piece. The documentary acts as a cautionary tale on how business friendships can turn into bitter rivalries because of internal partnerships and politics. 

7 The Founder (2016) 

This movie makes you understand that building a business empire isn’t easy, especially if you challenge the status quo. In this retailing of the founding father of Mcdonald’s, Ray Kroc is a businessman who cases in on a restaurant with a new style of food delivery: hamburgers made in 30 seconds, not 30 minutes. This movie shows how Kroc is relentless in building the greatest fast-food empire. With endless ideas and determination, Kroc cements McDonald’s into a global name in history as the greatest franchise restaurant ever. 

8 Erin Brockovich (2000)

Finally, we have one of the best movies every female entrepreneur should definitely watch. This movie will inspire entrepreneurs to take action against all the odds, discrimination, and education bias. The movie is a legal drama based on the true story of Erin Brockovich, who, despite the odds against her, helped win the biggest direct-action lawsuit. The film will encourage you to remain committed to your beliefs even in challenging circumstances while also emphasizing the significance of being socially conscious and implementing sustainable business strategies.  

9 Moneyball (2011)


You might be wondering what a movie about baseball has to do with business. However, the lessons in the movie Moneyball can actually be applied to your entrepreneurial business. This movie has less to do with baseball and more to do with the Oakland athletics team. Without the courage to make a change, the movie’s entire plot never would have happened. The movie is simply not just about baseball or any baseball team. This movie teaches you some important business lessons about adapting, listening to new ideas, and changing how things are usually done. This is one of the must-watch movies for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

10 Steve Jobs’ (2015) 

Steve Jobs

We all know Steve Jobs is the iconic founder of Apple. The film “Steve Jobs” movie tells the story of the life of Apple, Inc.’s founder. The movie provides a look into the mind of Steve Jobs, played by Michael Fassbender, as well as the personal life of the Apple Founder. The movie focuses on Apple’s tremendous success and shows its failures. The movie shows you the business journey of the most popular brands on earth. One of the best entrepreneur movies, gives all the business owners and entrepreneurs hope that one day they can also create a company fraction as successful as Apple. 

11. Thank You For Smoking 

Another great movie for all the budding entrepreneurs and struggling salesmen is this Thank You For Smoking. The plot of the movie revolves around the machinations of Big Tobacco’s chief spokesman, Nick Naylor. He is the one who defends the cigarette industry in many challenging situations. The reason why all visionary entrepreneurs should see this movie is because selling is an essential aspect of entrepreneurship, and this movie teaches you that. The movie shows you that it’s possible to sell anything as long as you have the data and inside wish to excite your audience. 

12 Wall Street 

Ever heard about the “Greed is Good” speech? If yes, then this is the movie which is famous for that. The movie is delivered by the charismatic Gordon Gekko, whose role was played by Michael Douglas. He also won the award for his performance in this movie, and he was truly the wolf of Wall Street. Directed by Oliver Stone, the Wall Street movie tells the story of greed and ambition. The main protagonist in the movie Bud Fox, idolizes Gekko and gets carried away by his glamorous lifestyle. The movie makes you understand how ambition can sometimes lead us down an unethical path and how we get lured by greed and make morally down decisions. It is one of the most impactful movies for entrepreneurs in the tech industry. 

13. Any Given Sunday

Another great movie for all budding business owners is Any Given Sunday. Directed by Oliver Tone, the movie looks at the struggles of a fictional professional American Football team. The movie is recommended to all entrepreneurs for the sheer grit and intensity shown by the character of Al Pacino, especially during times of adversity. The movie makes you learn how your inner strength and willpower to succeed can help you overcome all the challenges life throws in your way and achieve success in the end. The most interesting and reputable scene of the movie is the one where Al Pacino gives an epic speech to his team just before the start of a crucial playoff game. 

14. The Aviator 

The Aviator is a biopic movie of Howard Hughes, who was an eccentric billionaire. He was the one who overcame all the odds to become one famous and successful businessman and film director while coping with his gradually worsening OCD. DiCaprio is just brilliant in the movie, and his performance earned him his second Oscar nomination. The movie shows you how Howard Hughes fought his own internal battle with his strong business acumen. Despite having so many obstacles, he remained passionate about aviation and built a powerful legacy. 

15. Margin Call 

Another movie that captures the 2007-2008 financial crisis but from the perspective of an investment bank is Margin Call. The plot of Margin Call revolves around the key people of a large investment bank and the actions they took over a 24-hour period during the initial stages of the financial crisis. The reason why you should watch it is that the movie gives one clear message to all entrepreneurs: “Greed is Never Good”. Just like The Wolf of Wall Street, this movie is also a cautionary tale about the corruptive power of greed. It is one of the best movies of all time, and every budding businessperson should watch it. 

16. Becoming Warren Buffett 

It is not exactly a movie, but Warren Buffett is a documentary film about Warren Buffett and his life. The documentary explains the contrast between Warren’s expertise in investing and his personal relationship skills. If you are a young entrepreneur and looking for a role model for inspiration, then after watching this movie, you might find one. Warren Buffet was known for his business acumen but, more importantly, for his down-to-earth nature, which made him one of the most admirable people to look up to. 

17. Stockbroker Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room 

Another documentary based on the best-selling book for all entrepreneurs is Enron. The documentary examines the fall of Enron Corporation in 2001 and all the key players who were responsible for what came to be known as the Enron Scandal. The film showcases captivating interviews with renowned authors McLean and Elkind, along with former Enron executives and employees, stock analysts, reporters, and even the esteemed former Governor of California, Gray Davis.

18. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened 

Fyre Festival was marketed as the ultimate music festival, bringing together the creative genius of Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule. Promoted by top celebrities and influencers such as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski, this “luxury music festival” had the potential to be a game-changer. However, behind the scenes, it was all a deceptive scheme orchestrated by McFarland, a serial fraudster with a track record of duping people with his fraudulent business ventures. Apart from being a complete entertainer, this movie is also a cautionary tale for young entrepreneurs about making promises and not delivering a good product. The documentary serves as a reminder for all the entrepreneurs who invest a huge amount of money in marketing without making an investment in making a product. 

19. Lord of War


If you enjoy dark comedy and action, you must watch Lord of War. This film follows the story of Yuri Orlov, an immigrant from Ukraine who finds success in the illegal gun trade. Despite the moral implications, Yuri’s ambition, determination, and willingness to take risks exemplify the qualities necessary for business success. Additionally, the movie explores growth hacking, building customer loyalty, and negotiation techniques, offering valuable lessons for your own business ventures. The movie covers some great topics like entrepreneurship skills, creative problem solving, building customer loyalty, and some great competitive strategies. 

20. The GodFather Trilogy 

The Godfather trilogy is widely regarded as the ultimate cinematic masterpiece for entrepreneurs. It emphasizes the importance of relationships and networking, the benefits of helping others in business, and the essentiality of understanding competition. These movies deliver intense entertainment with exhilarating and mind-stimulating scenes that will enhance your ability to tackle future business challenges. The GodFather Trilogy covers major business subjects like alliances, mergers, corporate takeover, and many more things all entrepreneurs should know about. 

21. The Usual Suspects 

The Usual Suspects is one of the favorite business and thriller movies of many successful entrepreneurs. The movie is perfect for those who enjoy a good psychological thriller with an ambitious twist ending. This story follows a group of skilled criminals who coincidentally end up together in a police lineup. They soon realize their potential and decide to join forces to carry out a highly profitable heist. Throughout the movie, it delves into topics such as the importance of strong leadership, the consolidation of power and influence, and the significance of long-term business strategies. These themes provide valuable lessons for both experienced entrepreneurs and those aspiring to enter the business world.  

22. The Merchant of Venice 

The Merchant of Venice is based on Shakespeare’s play and is one of the best and greatest of Al Pacino’s films. The story follows Bassino, a young member of the aristocratic class who turns into a Jewish moneylender Shylock for financial help. This movie is a pleasurable piece where you will learn so many lessons on business partnerships, risk assessment, and mercantile law that hold great value today! The movie also discusses topics like mercantile law and contract negotiations, which are some major pointers every entrepreneur should learn. 

23. Boiler Room 

This story of American brokerage schemers is a real gem for those seeking something new in the field of sales. It goes beyond being just another crime drama and provides the answer to the question: “How do you earn big money from scratch?” The film also explores the price one pays for achieving million-dollar fortunes, expensive cars, palaces, and mansions. With a brilliant cast, the characters in the film are young, aggressive, enterprising, and willing to take risks to succeed.


24. Jerry Maguire 

Jerry, the embodiment of the good guy, defies all odds and proves that success can be achieved through unwavering values and virtue. In a world where he only has two allies by his side, Jerry becomes the epitome of the underdog who triumphs when his abilities are put to the ultimate test. Brace yourself to root for Jerry as he embarks on an inspiring journey that showcases the power of determination and integrity. Get ready to witness how the smallest of individuals can achieve greatness in the face of adversity.

25. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard 

In a bustling car dealership, Don ‘The Goods’ Ready, portrayed by the talented Jeremy Piven, faces an extraordinary challenge – selling over 200 cars in just one weekend. With his cunning and deceptive nature, Don is known for his ability to navigate through any situation. However, as the story unfolds, he discovers that true success comes in unexpected forms, and to achieve his ambitious goal, he must tap into skills he never even knew he possessed. Don’s journey showcases the power of attitude and the limitless potential within each of us. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride as Don ‘The Goods’ Ready defies the odds and proves that greatness lies beyond what we initially perceive.

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, the top 10 best business movies listed above provide valuable lessons and inspiration for entrepreneurs and real-world business leaders. From stories of resilience, determination, and innovation, these films offer a unique perspective on the business journey. Whether you’re seeking motivation, practical insights, or entertainment, these movies will ignite your business spirit and inspire you to chase your dreams and climb the stairs of entrepreneurship success. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and let these successful films take you on a cinematic journey filled with valuable lessons for every entrepreneur.

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