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Exciting Insights in This Issue:

Solopreneur Spotlight: Meet Vivek Vardhan

Discover the success story behind Belkins B2B Sales Community. From computer science to digital marketing, Vivek’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and adaptability.

Learn how he manages a thriving online community and his tools of choice for driving growth and engagement.

Global Solopreneur Trends

Dive into the latest self-employment numbers across 39 countries, revealing significant gender disparities and geographical variations.

Explore our interactive analysis highlighting the increasing role of women in solopreneurship and the impact of economic factors on global entrepreneurship.

🧰 Solopreneur Spotlight: Vivek Vardhan

Welcome to the first interview on the BizStack Solopreneur Spotlight, where we dive into the world of Vivek Vardhan, co-founder of Belkins B2B Sales & Marketing Pros. Transitioning from coding to leading an online sales and marketing community, Vivek’s story is not just inspirational but a testament to entrepreneurship’s transformative power.

Key Takeaways:

Vivek’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2020, leading to the co-founding of the thriving Blkns Community on Slack.

His weekly routine emphasizes planning, delegation, and balance – key elements in successful business management.

Vivek shares his digital marketing toolkit, from Slack for engagement to Notion for knowledge management.

Growth strategies focus on adaptability and the effectiveness of email outreach campaigns.

Vivek advises solopreneurs on the importance of finding balance and leveraging automation.

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🌍 Global Solopreneur Trends: Self-Employment Insights

I’ve deep-dived into self-employment across 39 countries, which uncovers insights into the solopreneur landscape:

A noticeable increase in self-employed women indicates a shift towards freelance and solo ventures.

Despite rising female participation, self-employment remains predominantly male, reflecting traditional gender roles and access to resources.

Self-employment rates vary significantly by country, with developed countries showing a steady presence and others, like Brazil, demonstrating fluctuations due to economic volatility.

Europe presents a mixed picture, with countries like Austria and Belgium displaying diverse trends in self-employment rates.

This analysis serves as a crucial resource for understanding the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship without employees.

Exploring the Map:

Our interactive map plot visualizes self-employment disparities over time. Use the slider to observe trends and click on countries for specific data points. This tool is invaluable for identifying unique trends and understanding the broader implications of solopreneurship on a global scale.

Check the interactive map here »


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