Are You a Solopreneur Parent From a Non-US Speaking Country? You Should Give Novakid a Try

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In today’s globalized society, language acquisition is more than just a skill; it’s a key that opens up opportunities and broadens horizons. As a solopreneur from a Non-English Speaking Country, I understand the pivotal role that mastering English plays in the overall educational journey. With this in mind, my wife and I have always prioritized our daughter’s English education, focusing on academics and real-life language application.

Like many parents, we found ourselves facing the challenge of providing our daughter with a high-quality, immersive English learning environment. That’s when we discovered Novakid, an online platform offering kids personalized, engaging, and fun English lessons.

We’ve been using Novakid for over two years and have seen a significant improvement in our daughter’s English proficiency. Her grammar, vocabulary, reading, and speaking skills have soared, and she now confidently uses English in her day-to-day activities.

Today, I’m thrilled to share the new Novakid Summer Campaign 2023! A campaign aimed at unlocking the potential of young learners and revolutionizing their English learning journey.

The Genesis of Novakid

Before delving into the details of the Novakid Summer Campaign, I feel it’s important to understand the platform’s genesis. Novakid, a platform developed by expert linguists, educators, and child psychologists, fills a critical gap in the online language learning landscape. Traditional language teaching methodologies often fail to engage young learners, leading to subpar learning outcomes and lackluster enthusiasm. Novakid, however, redefines English learning with an approach that’s as fun as it is educational.

The Novakid Learning Experience

Novakid’s learning experience is unparalleled. Its innovative approach combines the best of education and technology to deliver highly interactive, engaging, and effective lessons. As a user, I can vouch for the positive changes I’ve observed in my daughter’s language skills.

The platform’s learning model aligns with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), ensuring that its curriculum meets the highest quality standards. Furthermore, all Novakid teachers are native English speakers with specific training in teaching English to children, so you can be confident that your child is learning from the best.

Novakid Summer Campaign 2023

Now, let’s discuss the crux of this post – the Novakid Summer Campaign 2023. Novakid has always been at the forefront of creative initiatives aimed at enhancing the learning experience of its users. This summer, they are back with another groundbreaking campaign that emphasizes the uniqueness of their teaching approach and the value they bring to the children’s education landscape.

The Summer Campaign 2023 consists of two exciting initiatives:

More than just an English School!

This campaign highlights that Novakid transcends traditional English teaching paradigms. Children can unlock their potential with the best English tutors, enhancing their language skills and boosting their confidence and global awareness. To explore this unique learning approach, sign up at Novakid.

Still Learning English like this? There is a better way.

This campaign questions the effectiveness of outdated English learning methods and offers a more innovative and engaging alternative. Intrigued? You can try it for free!

This exciting campaign runs from 1 May 2023 through 31 December 2023.

The Power of Interactive Learning

The effectiveness of Novakid’s teaching methodology lies in its emphasis on interactive learning. As a firm believer in this teaching approach, I can say that this factor has significantly influenced my daughter’s language learning journey.

Interactive learning facilitates a deeper understanding of the language, helping children to grasp complex grammar rules and expand their vocabulary. Novakid’s online platform is built on this principle, incorporating gamification, personalized learning paths, and real-time interaction with native English speakers. This blend of education and engagement makes learning English an enjoyable and fruitful endeavor for children.

The Impact of Novakid on My Family

As a parent, there’s no greater joy than seeing your child learn, grow, and develop. Watching my daughter interact confidently in English, and witnessing her continued progress, fills me with immense pride. I attribute this transformation to her dedicated efforts and Novakid’s phenomenal learning environment.

For our family, Novakid has been more than just an online English learning platform. It’s been a partner in our child’s educational journey, providing the tools, resources, and guidance she needed to master the English language.

I firmly believe that Novakid’s Summer Campaign 2023 will help more parents experience this transformative journey and unlock their children’s potential.


The Novakid Summer Campaign 2023 signifies a leap towards revolutionizing the way children learn English. As a parent and a user, I highly recommend Novakid for its dedication to creating a fun, interactive, and effective learning environment.

This summer, let’s join hands with Novakid in creating a better, more engaging way of learning English. Let’s unlock our children’s potential together!

Be Happy!

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