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Markdown has become the go-to for writers who prefer simplicity and control over their content. But how can you ensure your Markdown text looks pristine upon publication? Enter Marked, a native Mac markdown viewer that promises to elevate your writing experience with its live preview and advanced toolset. Ready to see your markup text rendered in real-time before it hits the web? Let’s dive into what makes Marked a must-have utility.

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Key Features

Starting with its Apple Notarization, Marked sets the tone for security and reliability—free from malicious software. Geared towards Markdown enthusiasts, Marked offers a seamless integration with any markdown editor. It provides a live preview that automatically syncs with your text editor, refreshing as you write, and scrolling to the latest edits for convenience. Choose from nine stylish preview templates or make it personal with your custom CSS styles.

Marked doesn’t stop at previews. It’s an encompassing writing aid with tools to ensure your content is honed to perfection—analyze word counts, check for overused words, and enhance sentence structure. Plus, with built-in spelling and grammar checks alongside Markdown syntax validation, your work maintains its professional edge. Track your audience reach with readability scores and time estimates, perpetually updated as you create.

Marked is about smooth navigation and efficiency. Find content swiftly with its fast search functionality, use bookmarks, and enjoy the convenience of a clickable table of contents. And with support for mind mapping tools like iThoughtsX and MindNode, as well as compatibility with leading writing software such as Ulysses and Scrivener, it’s a versatile partner for any writing project.

When it’s time to distribute, Marked’s export options are plentiful. Deliver your works in HTML, PDF, Rich Text, or create a Markdown document with normalized syntax. Marked can even merge multiple files into a single document, ideal for bigger projects or e-book creation.

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Closing Thoughts

For Markdown writers using a Mac, Marked presents itself as an indispensable ally in crafting clear, error-free, and visually pleasant documents. Whether it’s blog posts, articles, or books, Marked aids you every step of the way—from the writing process to final publication. Combine the power of Marked with the vast array of applications available on Setapp, and you’re equipped to tackle any writing task with confidence and style.

Join the Setapp suite and gain access to Marked and many other high-quality applications. Curate your software collection, enhanced by AI-powered recommendations and app reviews, and never run out of resources to fulfill your writing potential. Sign up for Setapp and let Marked transform the way you write in Markdown.

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