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As a software developer or a network enthusiast, being able to view and manage web traffic is critical to identifying and resolving issues quickly. That’s where Proxyman steps in—an advanced HTTP proxy debugging tool designed exclusively for macOS users. In this review, we’ll explore the nuances of Proxyman and how it can significantly streamline your debugging tasks. Ready to optimize your troubleshooting workflow? Try Proxyman on Setapp today and witness its prowess firsthand.

Key Features

Debugging web traffic is a breeze with Proxyman’s laser-focused user interface designed for macOS. Its triple-panel layout provides a clutter-free environment that enhances productivity. Here’s how Proxyman keeps you efficient and organized:

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  • Intuitive Interface: Navigate easily with the Finder-like interface, featuring quick search (Ctrl+Shift+F) for apps and domains, drag-and-drop organization, and pinned sources for convenient access.
  • Efficient Performance: Written in Swift and C++, Proxyman is optimized for high performance without compromising your Mac’s battery or network stability.
  • SSL Proxying Made Simple: Automatically generate certificates for easy SSL proxying, capture HTTP/HTTPS traffic without a hitch, and dive into a seamless debugging experience.
  • Detailed Request/Response Inspection: Analyze HTTP/HTTPS requests in formats like JSON, and navigate effortlessly between headers, queries, cookies, and responses.
  • Powerful Debugging Tools: Refine your debugging with useful features that include repeating requests, editing parameters, and exporting sessions for collaboration.

How-To Guide

Unfortunately, there is no detailed guide provided for Proxyman. However, with its intuitive interface and Setapp’s reliable ecosystem of apps, getting started and mastering Proxyman should be a swift process. If you require assistance, the Setapp app available for download on your Mac offers AI-powered search, reviews, and recommendations to guide you along the way.

Proxyman’s reputation is further solidified by Apple’s certification, ensuring no malicious software is present. Favored by macOS developers and network professionals alike, Proxyman is a testament to software crafted with precision and care.

Whether you’re debugging your application or scrutinizing web traffic, Proxyman provides the tools for efficient and in-depth analysis. The updates from the Proxyman team, written with love, indicate a passion for continuous improvement and support for their users.


A tool like Proxyman is indispensable in the modern web development toolkit. Its robust features, macOS-centric design, and unfaltering performance make it an attractive choice for anyone looking to debug HTTP/HTTPS traffic on their Mac with ease and precision. The Setapp subscription elevates the offering, giving you access to a curated collection of equally impressive apps. Take the first step towards enhanced debugging—streamline your web traffic management with Proxyman on Setapp now.

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