What is AppSumo and What is it Used For?

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Want to supercharge your business’s growth on a budget? AppSumo is the place to go!

In today’s tech-driven world, business requires cutting-edge software and high-end digital tools. However, acquiring these tools can be costly, and this is where AppSumo comes in. 

AppSumo is an online marketplace that essentially serves as a daily deals site for digital services. The platform has adopted an innovative approach to deal curation that makes it possible for individuals and businesses to access top-notch software at unbeatable prices. 

Since its launch in 2010, AppSumo has garnered over 1.25 million customers who trust the platform for all their marketing, design, and SEO needs. 

If you are an entrepreneur, read this comprehensive article explaining what is AppSumo, and how it can benefit your businesses. 

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is an online marketplace offering discounts/ lifetime deals on digital products. 

Running a business is expensive. On one hand, acquiring the needed software costs a lot, while on the other side, marketing your developed product and building a loyal consumer base is hard for sellers.

AppSumo’s unique business model solves both of these problems. 

It provides a platform where businesses can access discounted software deals, thereby offering a pocket-friendly solution to improve productivity, marketing, design, and more at significantly reduced costs. Customers can discover and try out new software products at a lower cost, helping them boost productivity in their personal and business tasks. 

As for sellers, AppSumo makes for a great place to showcase their products to a vast and engaged audience. Anyone can list their products on AppSumo’s website while having complete autonomy to set the price, and deal terms.  

Marketing helps software companies increase brand visibility and drive sales. They gain exposure, and user feedback, both of which eventually help secure a loyal customer base. 

Over the years, this strategy has helped many software developers become a household name. 

While AppSumo was initially only focused on providing daily deals to its customers, it has expanded to introduce AppSumo Plus and many more features that offer subscribers exclusive perks and early access to deals. 

In short, AppSumo is a one-of-a-kind online marketplace that empowers businesses and individuals by offering a diverse array of software at a markedly low price. 

How is AppSumo Used? 

One of the main reasons why AppSumo quickly became a successful, multimillion-dollar business is its commitment to customer satisfaction, a pivotal part of which is its user-friendly interface.

AppSumo offers a seamless user experience (UX) that ensures individuals and businesses can easily browse, purchase, and access valuable software deals the platform offers. 

Navigating Deals on AppSumo

Now that you know what AppSumo is, let’s see how customers can use the platform.

Start by signing up. Go to their website, create an account for free, and then begin looking through the available deals. 

AppSumo offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the browsing process. Users can easily explore a wide range of software tools by category, popularity, or relevance. 

The platform also provides detailed descriptions of each deal, highlighting its key features, pricing details, and deal terms. This transparency forges a good relationship with customers while also empowering users to make informed decisions. 

Purchasing deals on AppSumo is also pretty straightforward. Users can simply add software to the cart and then proceed to checkout. Note that the platform offers multiple payment options to accommodate customers globally. 

Once you complete the purchase, you gain instant access to a personalized AppSumo dashboard, where you can easily manage and review your deals, access redemption codes, and handle software licenses efficiently.

It is important to mention that since AppSumo offers lifetime deals, users gain continuous access to their purchased software without any recurring fee.

User Reviews 

User reviews play a pivotal role in the AppSumo experience. The platform encourages customers to share their insights and feedback on the deals they have purchased.

AppSumo’s review system incorporates star ratings and written comments that cover usability, performance, customer support, and value for money.

This not only benefits prospective buyers but also helps software developers refine and improve their products. 

Best AppSumo Features For Businesses

When discussing what AppSumo is, we mentioned that it is a customer-centric platform that champions software affordability. Now, let’s delve into the key features that make the platform particularly helpful for businesses:

Regular Deals and Discounts

AppSumo regularly introduces discounts that draw users seeking cost-effective software solutions. These offers provide substantial discounts on a diverse range of software, making premium tools accessible to businesses and individuals on a budget. 

AppSumo’s transparent and elaborate presentation of deal terms and restrictions enables users to make informed choices while also securing lifetime deals that ensure long-term value. 

Note that the platform frequently changes its deal selection, due to which all the deals on AppSumo expire after a while. To make sure that you don’t miss out on lucrative discounts relevant to your business, it is paramount to always check notifications for any updates in the deal library. 

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

AppSumo’s commitment to user satisfaction is evident from its refund policy. The platform gives a 60-day money-back guarantee which implies that if users do not find a product up to the mark, they can request a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

This offers businesses a risk-free opportunity to try out new tools.

Diverse Software Categories

The diverse software collection is the primary reason why AppSumo is popular among businesses. 

AppSumo hosts several different tools for social media management, SEO optimization, email marketing, project management, design, website optimization, e-commerce, content creation, and much more. 

This ensures that businesses and individuals can always find discounted software solutions for their digital operations. 

Affiliate Program

AppSumo not only offers a variety of deals but also makes it easy for users to earn commissions via marketing them. This is made possible by affiliate deals.

AppSumo offers an affiliate program that essentially allows marketers to promote deals and earn commissions for successful referrals. Affiliates receive unique tracking links to share AppSumo deals with their audience, and when someone purchases through these links, the affiliate earns a commission. 

If you are a solopreneur with a notable online audience, AppSumo’s affiliate program is a great way to monetize your influence by promoting deals that you genuinely believe in. 

User Reviews and Transparent Deal Information 

From star ratings to detailed comments, user reviews are visible against all deals on the AppSumo website. They provide insight into the pros and cons of different software deals, so customers can gauge whether a particular product aligns with their needs and expectations. 

The comments can also help identify any potential issues or limitations, which is helpful for both the developers and customers.

AppSumo Plus

AppSumo Plus is a subscription program introduced by AppSumo. It is essentially a premium membership that offers exclusive perks to subscribers for just $8.25 a month (billed annually).

Here are some of the benefits offered on AppSumo Plus:

  • 10% off on deals: If you are an AppSumo Plus subscriber, 10% is automatically slashed off any software deal you buy on the platform. 
  • Full Access to Appsumo Plus Originals: As long as you’re a Plus member, you’ll have full access to KingSumo Pro, Tier 1 access to SendFox, EmailBadge, ShortySMS, and SleekBio for free.
  • Early access to deals: Other than specific perks, subscribers also get early access to new deals, i.e., before they are released to the general public. 

AppSumo Plus is a valuable subscription for people and businesses who frequently utilize the platform. 

Buying Guide For AppSumo Deals

When browsing on AppSumo, you will find multiple active deals. However, before making a purchase, you need to ensure that the product you buy is relevant to your business and that buying it through AppSumo is cost-effective.

So, now that we have covered what is AppSumo, let’s walk you through some essential tips for shopping on AppSumo. 

Research The App

When considering any AppSumo deal, the first step is to do your research and ensure that the app you’re using is relevant to your business. 

You can easily find multiple elaborate reviews of any application on Google. Don’t forget to also check the software’s official website for a detailed description of its features. Check the pricing, and analyze the cost of paying separately for the features you need vs getting them via an AppSumo deal. 

Check App Compatibility With Existing Software

Certain work with only specific software versions. This app and software compatibility is needed for general functionality, smooth data transfer between apps, as well as workflow efficiency. 

If you buy an app that cannot work with your system, you would need to spare extra for customization, and data security. 

Therefore, if you are buying one, it is imperative to first check its compatibility with your existing operating systems. 

Read the Terms and Conditions

Each deal has different terms. While the apps on AppSumo deals are generally easily accessible with the upfront fee, there might sometimes be taxes applicable. 

To avoid paying any additional charges, it is necessary to read through the terms and conditions thoroughly before buying a deal. 

Check User Reviews

The AppSumo community includes a lot of businesses and individuals, who regularly share their feedback on various apps and deals. Make sure to thoroughly check the star ratings as well as comments to ensure that the product is worth purchasing. 

Compare Cost With AppSumo Plus Subscription

AppSumo Plus has many exciting features for its members, which include 10% off on all deals. If you plan on using the program long-term, or you want to buy multiple software deals, consider analyzing if buying these deals after paying for AppSumo Plus would be more cost-effective. 

Best Tools Listed on AppSumo

To give you a peek into AppSumo’s incredible library, here are some of the best software /digital products listed on the website:

NeuronWriter (live deal)

NeuronWriter is an advanced NLP content editor for SEO. As of now, this powerful AI copywriter and editor has over 6000 customers. With a seamless user interface, swift loading speed, and SERP analysis, this is a great tool to help rank your content higher.

AppSumo frequently offers lifetime deals on analysis, AI credits, content outline generators, templates, internal linking, and many other features of NeuronWriter.  

NeuronWrite is one of my AppSumo favorites. I bought 5 codes to get nearly unlimited usage for a lifetime.

While using NeuronWriter myself and with my team of writers, I have built some Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and shot some videos on how to use NeuronWriter best. You can get a free copy of my SOPs and templates by subscribing to my newsletter!

Metricool (expired deal)

Metricool is a trusted social media management and analytics platform used to schedule and monitor social media content across various platforms. Other than that, it is also helpful in tracking performance metrics and gaining insights into audience engagement.

YTubeBooster (live deal)

YTubeBooster is a program to promote Youtube channels. The tool generates popular keywords associated with your video /niche which helps drive traffic. Additionally, it can also fix video speed and audio problems. 

Mailmeteor (live deal)

Mailmeteor is a mail merge tool for Gmail and Google Sheets. It allows users to send personalized emails and follow-ups, which, in a way, helps automate marketing campaigns.

Planable (expired deal)

Another popular tool on AppSumo is Planable. It is a social media management software designed to create, schedule, and monitor daily content. The data optimization and different scheduling features facilitate creators in streamlining daily workflow and increasing organic traffic.

Buffer (expired deal)

Buffer is another tool for social media management. It can help you stay organized by scheduling your posts and analyzing data. Additionally, it also allows teams to collaborate, which makes it great for companies.

Best AppSumo Deals For December 2023

AppSumo introduces new exciting deals every week. Here are some of the best AppSumo lifetime deals live in December 2023:


If you are looking for good marketing software, be sure to grab these deals on AppSumo:

  • Writecream 96% off: This software is designed to generate excellent cold emails that are sure to drive conversions. It can generate multiple personalized intros within seconds and is generally considered one of the best AI tools to write copies. 
  • SendFox 90% off: Driving traffic to your site is difficult, but it’s harder to build and sustain a loyal customer base. Sending personalized emails is one way to engage with your followers, and SendFox offers a one-click way to streamline the process.

Social Media Management and SEO

Social media management includes scheduling posts, creating content, consistently engaging with the audience, SEO, and analyzing the data to see what performs better as per the algorithm. While this is generally hard to manage, special software tools can help efficiently accelerate the process.

  • Switchy 98% off: Switchy is a great software that customizes your social media links, and your post preview to boost clicks on your site. Additionally, it also facilitates better ad targeting that further improves your revenue. I have been using it to shorten some external links with BizStack.
  • WordPress Coming Soon Plugin 30% off Building custom Coming Soon and Maintenance pages is one way to keep your audience informed and engaged about any upcoming or ongoing site activity. WordPress has separate plugins to design and manage these pages, and you can get a flat 30% off AppSumo deal on the plugin. 
  • Wope 90% off: If you are an SEO specialist, you would know it’s complicated to analyze data and gauge how well content is performing on SERP. Getting well-designed software to generate well-drafted and comprehensive SEO reports is expensive, but what is AppSumo, if not a one-stop economical solution to all your software needs? This December, enjoy a 90% off lifetime deal on SEO Crawl and optimize your content to rank higher on search engines.

Project Management

Project management involves planning, organizing, and executing a project. AppSumo has some great deals on various project management software like:

  • Fusebase 56% off: Fusebase is a software designed to streamline collaboration within the company as well as with clients.
  • Freedcamp 78% off: Freedcamp project management system can be customized packed with feature sets and options to hide tools you don’t use to avoid clutter.


If you run a blog, here are some great SEO and AI writing tools you can consider buying on AppSumo:

  • Blogify 86% off: Blogify is a comprehensive writing and content marketing tool with the potential to revolutionize content creation. Its features include but aren’t limited to video/audio to blog, SEO, and automated posts. 
  • Textbuddy 82% off: Textbuddy is a ChatGPT-powered AI tool that you can use to generate content ideas, as well as to fasten and improve your writing. This November, AppSumo is offering a whopping 82% off on this incredible software, so don’t forget to avail yourself of this offer. 

Web Building

With smart software to create and launch websites, you can now develop a working site with just one click. And of course, AppSumo makes it accessible for all:

  • MaxiBlocks 88% off: MaxiBlocks hosts fast-loading, well-designed templates to create websites. Get a hold of this deal on AppSumo and generate your own website on this no-code page builder. 
  • CubeWP – Plus Exclusive 83% off: This dynamic, code-free software facilitates individuals to launch advanced websites with just one click. 

The Products I Recently Bought From Appsumo

As an avid AppSumo Plus member, I have bought so many products from lifetime deals.

Some of these products are unavailable on AppSumo, but sometimes, they return to the platform on special days such as Black Friday or Christmas deals.

Here’s the list of the products I recently bought from AppSumo, starting with the newest one on the top:

  1. Popupular: A popup builder which allows you to embed anything into it. I recently bought it and will test it before my 60-day money-back guarantee ends.
  2. Wope: My dear friend Yigit Konur and his team spent their years building this new-generation SEO tool. I started using it, and I was impressed by its speed of execution. I bought their highest-tier plan even though I have an Ahrefs account.
  3. AppMySite: This platform enables you to build iOS and Android mobile apps from your website. I quickly tried it on TaleBot, and it was looking good.
  4. re:tune: A no-code chatbot builder with powerful features. I bought the highest tier of it and actively using in different projects. The AppSumo deal ended, but I highly recommend you give it a try.
  5. Adilo (deal ended): An affordable video hosting solution with a custom-built embed player. I have used the embed player with single video (example here) and playlist (example here) on different websites.
  6. Website Speedy: A tool that makes your site faster, affordably. I bought the deal three times for my different websites. They are very helpful in manually writing code for your website to perform in the best way.
  7. EWWW Image Optimizer: An affordable, high-performance WordPress image optimizer that you can use across multiple websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppSumo Used For?

AppSumo is used as an online marketplace used by businesses to purchase heavily discounted deals. It offers a wide range of lifetime deals on digital tools for SEO optimization, email marketing, social media management, etc, at affordable prices.

How Many Deals Does AppSumo Release Each Week? 

AppSumo releases approximately 3 new deals a week. The prices, terms, and conditions vary for each plan and are clearly spelled out on the website. Additionally, a review video by AppSumo as well as customer feedback are also displayed online.

Note that each AppSumo deal is available for a limited time only. There are a specific number of codes for each deal, and the plan only runs for a while before all the codes sell out. On average, all deals are removed after two weeks. 

How to Find the Best Deals on AppSumo?

One of the easiest ways to discover a new AppSumo deal is through recommendations. AppSumo has an active online community of software enthusiasts and all new updates are usually discussed there. 

Other than this, you can sign up for AppSumo’s email newsletter to receive regular updates about the latest deals and any exclusive offers. 

Following AppSumo on social media, and regularly browsing their website can also help you discover any new plan that aligns with your business needs. 

Additionally, if you regularly use the platform, you may also consider subscribing to AppSumo Plus for early access to any new offerings. 

What is AppSumo Plus, and What Are Its Benefits?

AppSumo Plus is an annual subscription-based membership plan that offers exclusive perks like early access to AppSumo deals, 10% off on all purchases, access to KingSumo Web Pro, etc. 

What is the Refund Policy for AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus membership is not refundable once the rewards have been used. However, users can cancel anytime to not pay subscription fees the following year.

Note that AppSumo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is also extended to any purchases made by AppSumo Plus subscribers.

Is There a Mobile App for Appsumo?

AppSumo does not have a dedicated mobile app for iOS or Android devices. However, you can access their website on a mobile app browser. 

How Does Appsumo Help Developers?

While AppSumo negotiates heavily discounted deals on software, it also has a lot in store for developers. The platform allows developers to market their products to potential users. Once your products start selling out, AppSumo pays you a monthly revenue which is a specific percentage of the net revenue generated by deals on your product.

Note that the revenue percentage varies depending on your contract with the platform.  

Final Words

This article gives you a comprehensive overview of what AppSumo is and how it is used. AppSumo brings you excellent deals on software that are high in demand and is, therefore, a vital marketplace for new businesses and individuals. 

Ever since its launch, the platform has essentially revolutionized how businesses interact with software and their developers. So, now that you know what is AppSumo used for, make sure to avail their exciting deals, and take your business to new heights. 

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