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Hello everyone! 🌟

I’ve been testing the waters of bulk-generating infographics to summarize my blog posts, and I’m eager to share the process with you.

🧰 Effortlessly Create Infographics from Your Blog Content

I came up with a flowchart of all the steps to make it happen. It took some time to come up with this setup first. When it’s done once, then you can generate thousands of infographics with this.

You can see the Miro board with the interactive flowchart here.

With this automation, I generated over 200 infographics and uploaded most of them to this Pinterest board:

The next phase involves integrating these infographics into their corresponding blog posts on my website. The aim is to gauge whether this visual enhancement boosts our reach and engagement.

Stay tuned for a detailed video walkthrough in the upcoming issue! 😄


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Until next time, stay productive! — Cagri Sarigoz

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