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Hello everyone! 🌟

I’m back in action and ready to share the latest and greatest from the intersection of technology and creativity. This week, we’re diving into the realm of AI-driven innovation with TaleBot and recapping the insights from our recent virtual meetup with Pipedream.

Pipedream Virtual Meetup: Unveiling the Magic Behind TaleBot

TaleBot is a side project that Kaan Aykac and I co-founded. By harnessing the power of AI through tools like ChatGPT and Pipedream, TaleBot automates the creation of personalized children’s bedtime stories, offering a unique blend of technology and imagination.

I recently had the privilege of sharing my experience with TaleBot at a Pipedream virtual meetup. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how TaleBot was developed, showcasing the incredible potential of modern APIs and platforms:

We built the first version of the TaleBot using mostly low-code platforms. I got help from the ChatGPT Code Interpreter filling in the gaps with Python code.

After our talented intern engineer, Abdulkadir, joined the ranks of TaleBot, we started to sprinkle more code and automation into it.

A small gift from us to little ones

You can write a bedtime story for free (normally $1.99) using the coupon code BIZSTACK.


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I’ve checked the previous promo emails from Secret, and I can say that this is the best discount that Secret has offered in the last 12 months, including Black Friday 2023, where the yearly plan was $99.50.

I had a yearly membership, which was ended recently. This time, I grabbed the lifetime deal. 😃 

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