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Have you ever found yourself unable to access important files on an NTFS drive? 

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? 

The inability to read or write NTFS drives on macOS can be a significant roadblock, especially if you’re working between Mac and Windows systems. 

This compatibility issue can disrupt your workflow, causing delays and unnecessary stress.

But there’s a solution that can make your life much easier—iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

This powerful tool bridges the gap between NTFS drives and macOS, allowing you to seamlessly read and write to NTFS drives.

In this blog, I’ll provide a comprehensive iBoysoft NTFS for Mac review. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Understanding NTFS and Mac Compatibility: Why is NTFS popular and what challenges do Mac users face?
  • Benefits of Using iBoysoft NTFS for Mac: How does it enhance your productivity and ease file transfers between Windows and Mac?
  • iBoysoft NTFS for Mac on Setapp: Learn how it integrates with Setapp and the perks of subscribing.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Using iBoysoft NTFS for Mac: Simple instructions to get you started and tips for troubleshooting. 
  • User Reviews and Feedback: Real-world experiences and testimonials.
  • Licensing and Key Information: How to get a license and other essential details.

By the end of this article, you’ll understand how iBoysoft NTFS for Mac can transform your file management experience, saving you time and hassle. 

So, stick around and discover how this tool can make your Mac work flawlessly with NTFS drives. Let’s dive in!

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What is NTFS?

NTFS stands for New Technology File System. It’s a file system used by Windows computers to organize and store data on hard drives and other storage devices. 

Here’s why NTFS is so popular:

  • Reliability: NTFS is known for its stability and reliability. It has built-in features to protect data from corruption and loss, making it a preferred choice for storing important files.
  • Security: NTFS supports advanced security features, allowing users to set permissions and encrypt files. This ensures that sensitive data remains protected.
  • Large File Support: Unlike older file systems, NTFS can handle large files and partitions, making it ideal for modern storage needs.
  • Efficiency: NTFS is designed to use disk space efficiently, reducing wasted space and improving overall performance.

Because of these features, NTFS is widely used in both personal and professional settings. 

However, Macs can’t natively write to NTFS drives, which is where tools like iBoysoft NTFS for Mac come into play, enabling full read/write access on macOS.

Compatibility Issue between NTFS and macOS?

NTFS, or New Technology File System, is designed by Microsoft for Windows, and it works very well in that environment. However, when it comes to macOS, there are significant compatibility issues:

  • Read-Only Access: By default, macOS can only read NTFS drives. This means you can open and view files, but you can’t edit, delete, or add new files to the drive.
  • No Write Support: Without additional software, macOS doesn’t support writing to NTFS drives. This limitation makes it hard to use NTFS drives for tasks like saving new files or making changes to existing files.
  • Data Integrity Risks: Attempting to enable write support through unofficial methods can result in data corruption or loss, posing a risk to your important files.

These issues make it challenging for users who need to work across both Windows and Mac systems, especially when transferring or modifying files on NTFS drives.

5 Common Scenarios Where NTFS Support is Needed on Mac

Many Mac users need NTFS support for various reasons:

  1. External Hard Drives:
    • Most external drives are NTFS-formatted. NTFS support allows you to read and write data without issues.
  2. File Sharing Between Mac and Windows:
    • NTFS is common on Windows. NTFS support ensures smooth file sharing and collaboration.
  3. Accessing Windows Backups:
    • Windows backups are usually NTFS. NTFS support lets you retrieve and update these backups on your Mac.
  4. Boot Camp Partitions:
    • Windows partitions via Boot Camp are NTFS. NTFS support allows access and modification of these files from macOS.
  5. Large File Handling:
    • NTFS supports larger files than FAT32. NTFS support is necessary for storing or downloading big files.

Having NTFS support on your Mac simplifies file management and ensures compatibility with NTFS drives. And this can only be done with tools like iBoysoft. 

Let’s look at how…

iBoysoft NTFS For Mac

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac V6.0 is a top-rated software designed to provide full read and write access to NTFS drives on macOS. Rated 4.8 stars based on 55 reviews, this tool is ready for macOS Sonoma 14 and works seamlessly with Apple M1, M2, and M3 Macs. 


With iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, you can easily mount, read, and write to NTFS drives directly from your Mac. This software ensures that you can manage your files on NTFS drives just as you would on a native Mac drive.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Read and Write Support for NTFS on Mac: iBoysoft NTFS for Mac allows you to read, write, delete, edit, and rename files on NTFS drives without needing to reformat them.
  • Easy Installation and User-Friendly Interface: The installation process is straightforward, and the software is designed with an intuitive interface, making it accessible even for non-technical users. Note that a system restart may be required during the initial installation.
  • Performance and Reliability: iBoysoft NTFS for Mac offers fast file transfer speeds and stable performance. It automatically mounts NTFS drives in read-write mode upon startup, ensuring seamless access every time.

Pros and Cons


  • Direct NTFS read and write support.
  • Fast file transfer speed.


  • Requires allowing a system (kernel) extension.
  • No support for BitLocker-encrypted NTFS partitions.

Overall, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is a reliable and efficient solution for managing NTFS drives on macOS. 

It supports a wide range of Mac devices and storage media, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac on Setapp

Yes, iBoysoft is available on Setapp. If you’re wondering what Setapp is, here’s a quick explanation:

Setapp is your all-in-one subscription service that offers access to over 240 premium Mac apps for just $9.99 per month


Read More About Setapp -> Setapp Review (2024): The All-in-One Mac App Ecosystem 

When you subscribe to Setapp, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is just one of the 240+ apps you’ll have at your fingertips. This means you have all the tools you need without the hassle of managing multiple subscriptions.

Advantages of Subscribing to Setapp for Access to iBoysoft NTFS for Mac and Other Useful Apps

  • Cost-Effective: For just $9.99 per month, you gain access to over 240 premium apps worth $6000, including iBoysoft NTFS for Mac. This is far more affordable than purchasing individual licenses for iBoySoft or for each app.

Alt Text: Screenshot of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac Yearly Subscription and Lifetime Subscription

  • Convenience: Setapp streamlines everything by covering all your apps under one subscription. No more worrying about multiple payments and renewal dates.
  • Diverse App Selection: Whether you need productivity boosters like CleanMyMac X or creative tools like CleanShot X, Setapp has you covered. You get a wide range of apps to enhance your Mac experience.
  • Free Trial: Take advantage of a 7-day free trial to explore all the apps, including iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, at no initial cost.
  • Easy Updates: All apps in Setapp are updated automatically. This means you always have the latest features and security improvements without lifting a finger.

By subscribing to Setapp, you not only get iBoysoft NTFS for Mac but also a suite of other powerful tools that can significantly boost your productivity and streamline your workflow. 

You can give iBoysoft NTFS for Mac on Setapp a try today and experience the convenience of having all your essential apps in one place.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

How to Download and Install iBoysoft NTFS for Mac via Setapp

  1. Subscribe to Setapp: Go to the Setapp website and sign up for a subscription.
  1. Download Setapp: Install the Setapp application on your Mac.
  2. Find iBoysoft NTFS for Mac: Open Setapp and search for iBoysoft NTFS for Mac.
  3. Install the App: Click “Install” to download and install iBoysoft NTFS for Mac on your device.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Enabling NTFS Read/Write Support

Enabling NTFS read/write support on your Mac using iBoysoft NTFS for Mac involves several key steps. Here’s a detailed guide to help you through the process:

  1. Launch the App
    • After installing iBoysoft NTFS for Mac via Setapp, open the application. You can find it in your Applications folder or directly through the Setapp interface.
  2. Enable System Extensions
    • iBoysoft NTFS for Mac requires system extensions to be enabled for full functionality. The process differs slightly depending on your Mac’s processor.
    • For Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M3) Macs:
      • Open System Preferences: Go to the Apple menu and select “System Preferences.”
      • Select Security & Privacy: Click on the “Security & Privacy” icon.
      • Click the Lock to Make Changes: In the bottom left corner, click the lock icon and enter your administrator password to make changes. 

Alt: Screenshot of system preferences on mac

  • Allow System Software: When prompted, click “Allow” for the system software from “Chengdu Aibo Tech Co., Ltd.”
  • Restart Your Mac: Follow the on-screen instructions to restart your Mac to apply the changes.
  • For Intel-based Macs:
    • Follow the Setup Wizard: During the installation of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, you will see a message indicating that system extensions have been blocked.
    • Open System Preferences: Automatically, the “Security & Privacy” tab will open.
    • Click the Lock to Make Changes: In the bottom left corner, click the lock icon and enter your administrator password.
    • Approve the Developer: Click “Allow” next to the message stating that system software from “Chengdu Aibo Tech Co., Ltd.” was blocked.
    • Details Option: If you see a “Details…” button under the message “Some system software requires your attention before it can be used,” click it and approve the system extensions.
    • Restart Your Mac: After allowing the system extension, restart your Mac.
  1. Mount NTFS Drives
    • Once the system extension is enabled and your Mac has restarted, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac will automatically mount any connected NTFS drives in read-write mode. You can now:
      • Read Files: Open and view files on NTFS drives.
  • Write Files: Save new files or changes directly to NTFS drives.
  • Copy and Move Files: Transfer files between your Mac and NTFS drives without any issues.
  • Delete Files: Remove unwanted files from NTFS drives.

Additional Tips:

  • Manual Driver Installation:
    • If the automatic installation doesn’t work, you can manually install the NTFS driver by opening iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, going to Preferences > Advanced, and clicking “Install NTFS Driver.”
  • Check System Preferences Regularly:
    • Sometimes, system updates may require you to re-allow system extensions. Keep an eye on your Security & Privacy settings after macOS updates.
  • Troubleshooting System Extension Issues:
    • If the “Allow” button does not appear, try clicking “Reload” in the setup window.
    • Ensure there are no conflicting drivers by manually deleting unused drivers in the /Library/Extensions/ folder.

By following these detailed steps, you will enable NTFS read/write support on your Mac using iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, allowing you to seamlessly manage files across NTFS and macOS systems.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac Reviews and User Feedback

Ease of Use

Many users appreciate how intuitive and user-friendly iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is. The straightforward installation process and simple interface make it accessible for everyone, even those who are not tech-savvy. 


Alt Text: Screenshot of customer review on Capterra

  • You can quickly and efficiently manage your NTFS drives without any hassle.
  • The design is clean and straightforward, making navigation easy.
  • Even if you’re new to this kind of software, you won’t struggle to understand how to use it.

Fast and Reliable File Transfers

Users frequently highlight the fast file transfer speeds offered by iBoysoft NTFS for Mac. Whether you’re moving large files or multiple documents, the software performs efficiently, ensuring that your data is transferred quickly and without any errors.

  • This reliability is crucial for maintaining productivity and avoiding data loss.
  • The software handles both large and small files with equal efficiency.
  • You don’t have to worry about waiting long periods for file transfers to complete, which saves you time.

Comprehensive NTFS Support

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac provides robust support for reading and writing to NTFS drives, which is a significant benefit for those who frequently work between Mac and Windows systems. The ability to seamlessly access and manage NTFS drives on a Mac, including mounting, unmounting, and repairing disks, makes this software an essential tool for many users.

  • You can easily move files between different operating systems without compatibility issues.
  • The software supports a wide range of tasks, from simple file reading to more complex disk management.
  • This comprehensive support ensures you have full control over your NTFS drives on your Mac.

Things Also User Complaint About iBoysoft


Many users find the price of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac to be high. For example, Gerardo mentions that the software is quite expensive, making it hard to justify purchasing, especially for occasional use. 

Edgar also notes that while the software is useful, its high cost limits frequent use. This sentiment is common among users who appreciate the software’s functionality but feel the price is a significant barrier.

  • High Cost: Users like Gerardo and Edgar feel that the price is too high, especially for those who only need the software occasionally. 
  • Justification: Because of its cost, many users struggle to justify purchasing iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, despite its useful features.
  • Limited Use: The high price makes it difficult for users to use the software frequently, as noted by Edgar. 

Setapp can help you save money. For just $9.99 a month, you get access to 240 premium Mac apps. This saves you up to $6000 compared to buying each app individually.

System Extensions Requirement

Another common complaint is the need to enable system (kernel) extensions. Users like the Verified Reviewer from the Banking industry find this requirement inconvenient. 


Allowing system extensions can be a hassle, particularly for those not comfortable with changing system settings. This step adds complexity to the setup process, which can be off-putting for some users.

  • Inconvenience: Users find enabling system extensions to be an added hassle. This requirement is particularly inconvenient for those not comfortable with modifying system settings.
  • Setup Complexity: The need to allow system extensions makes the setup process more complicated. This complexity can discourage users from using the software.
  • User Comfort: Some users, especially those who are not tech-savvy, may find this step daunting and may prefer simpler alternatives.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac Licensing and Key Information

To use iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, you need a license. Each license is valid for one Mac only. If you reinstall macOS or move to a new Mac, you can reactivate the software with the same license key. 

However, you can’t transfer the license from one Mac to another, except for the 1-year subscription and lifetime upgrade licenses.

How to Obtain a License Key

To get a license key, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase: Go to the iBoysoft website and buy the license.
  2. Receive Key: After you make the purchase, you will get the license key via email.
  3. Activate: Open iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, click on the activation option, and enter your license key. Make sure you have an internet connection for activation. If you run into any issues, you can contact support at [email protected].

Source: iBoySoft

Details on Updates and Support

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac keeps itself up-to-date with regular updates to work with the latest macOS versions. You will get notifications for updates, which you can install easily. 

For support, iBoysoft offers help via email. If you lose your license key, you can request it again by contacting support and providing your order details. 

For any technical issues or further assistance, reach out to [email protected].


Your Mac deserves to work seamlessly with all your drives, including those formatted with NTFS.

Think about how many times you’ve needed to transfer files between Windows and Mac.

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With Setapp, you’re not just getting iBoysoft NTFS for Mac; you’re gaining access to over 240 premium Mac apps for just $9.99 per month.

But hey, that’s just part of the value. A single app license can cost more than the entire Setapp subscription.

By the way, here’s a tip just for you. Setapp offers a 7-day free trial, so you can explore all its apps without any initial cost.

Because why settle for one app when you can have hundreds?

So why not start your free trial with Setapp? You get iBoysoft NTFS for Mac plus many other useful apps to enhance your Mac experience.

Think Setapp is worth checking out? Why not visit their website and see for yourself?

If you want a smoother, more productive Mac experience, then take advantage of this opportunity and make your workflow easier.

Until next time.

Happy computing!

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