Instapage Review – Landing Page Builder Tool for Turning Ad Clicks into Conversions

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In this Instapage review, We will take a closer look at some of the issues, such as striving to turn your ad clicks into real conversions. Instapage is one of the landing page builder tools that helps you do this.

As a solopreneur or early-stage startup founder, you know the importance of creating effective landing pages to maximize conversions from your online ad campaigns. But creating, personalizing, and optimizing landing pages for every campaign can be challenging, to say the least. 

That’s where landing page builder services steps in. Instapage is a landing page builder that enables you to quickly and easily create, personalize, and optimize landing pages e for every campaign and audience. In this article, we’ll explore all the features and benefits it has to offer you. 

What is a Landing Page Builder?

Landing page builders enable non-technical users to deploy web pages designed to drive visitors to a specific conversion goal. Landing pages are usually designed to convert visitors to one specific action like signing up for a newsletter or a free trial or registering for a subscription service.  A landing page is a standalone web page that a person “lands” on after clicking through from an email, ad, or other digital location. Every content strategy should include the use of landing pages to convert more traffic and increase conversions.

What is Instapage?

A New Instapage and the Dawn of a New Era

Instapage is a customizable, drag-and-drop landing page builder that allows you to create, personalize, and optimize effective landing pages for every campaign and audience. It allows users to create high-converting landing pages without any technical knowledge. Instapage also comes with an array of powerful and integrated tools, such as A/B testing, real-time personalization, and analytics and reporting, that help to maximize conversions and optimize ROI.

Who is Instapage for?

Instapage is perfect for solopreneurs and early-stage startup founders who want to quickly and easily create, personalize, and optimize effective landing pages for every campaign and audience. You can also use Instapage if you need to quickly build landing pages for ad campaigns, or if you want to maximize the effectiveness and impact of your online campaigns with targeted, personalization, and A/B testing.

Landing Page Examples - Instapage Blog

What Type of a Business Needs a Landing Page Builder?

No matter your business, resulting in more conversions should be at the top of your list if you are hoping to get the most out of your website. Instapage might just be the solution you need to bring your campaigns to the next level. Instapage is a conversion rate optimization platform that helps you create impactful, customized and high converting landing pages, post-click experiences and AMP pages.

Any business areas with a website should have a powerful landing page of some sort to encourage users to take an action, such as book a demo, call for a quote, sign up for an email list, etc.

Instapage Pros and Cons:

Pros of Instapage

• Instapage is jam packed with useful features, some of which include split testing, built-in analytics, drag and drop page building, and over 100 mobile-ready premade templates to get your business started quickly. 

• You can also easily customize your templates to create engaging pages that are unique to your business.

• Instapage integrates with all the essential tools needed to create high converting campaigns.

• It also has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use.

Cons of Instapage

• The learning curve of the platform can be a bit steep for those less tech-savvy users.

• Instapage is more expensive than most other platforms and its more advanced features come at an addition cost.

• It can take a while to get familiar with the interface and make customizations.

Instapage Alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives to Instapage that make it worth considering. Here are some of the main ones:


Leadpages is a great option for those on a budget. It offers a wide range of templates to get your business up and running quickly. Leadpages is also DIY friendly and can be used with little technical knowledge. 

Pros: It is inexpensive, easy to use, and offers great functionality. 

Cons: Leadpages does not offer as many integrations as Instapage. 


Unbounce is a more sophisticated platform that is ideal for larger businesses and those looking for more advanced features. 

Pros: Unbounce offers powerful A/B testing capabilities, a wide range of integrations, and optimized pages for mobile devices. 

Cons: Unbounce is expensive and could have a steep learning curve for some users.


ClickFunnels is a great option for those wanting to build full funnel campaigns. 

Pros: ClickFunnels offers an extensive library of templates, advanced features, and an easy to use drag and drop builder. 

Cons: ClickFunnels is expensive and has a steep learning curve. 


With Landingi you don’t need any programming skills to create and optimize your own custom landing pages to convert traffic from your digital campaigns into customers.

Pros : Large template library across a wide range of industries, Very responsive customer service team and the ability to export landing pages directly to WordPress and to also share with other Landingi accounts.

Cons : The landing page editor has two different pages for desktop and mobile, so you constantly need to toggle back and forth to make sure both pages are displayed correctly, not as many 3rd party integrations as other popular landing page software.

Instapage Pricing and Instapage Features

Instapage offers you 3 types of pricing for the landing page types.


Everything you need to start building and optimizing landing pages for higher conversions. Pricing is $199 per month.

Includes the following features

  • No Conversion Limits 
  • Unlimited Domains 
  • Server-Side A/B Testing 
  • Real-Time Visual Collaboration 
  • AMP Pages & Experiences 
  • Thor Render Engine 
  • AdMap 
  • Dynamic Text Replacement 
  • SSL Encryption 
  • GDPR Compliance 
  • Google Single Sign-On (SSO) 
  • Zapier Integration 
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Marketo Integration
  • Multi-Step Forms 


The complete platform for increasing conversions, lowering CPC, and boosting ROAS. Pricing is Customized. Based on your unique goals and business needs.

Includes the following features

  • Conversion Limits 
  • Unlimited Domains 
  • Server-Side A/B Testing 
  • Real-Time Visual Collaboration 
  • Instablocks® 
  • AMP Pages & Experiences 
  • Thor Render Engine® 
  • AdMap® 
  • Dynamic Text Replacement 
  • SSL Encryption 
  • GDPR Compliance 
  • Google Single Sign-On (SSO) 
  • Zapier Integration 
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Marketo Integration
  • Multi-Step Forms 
  • Editable Global Blocks 
  • Ad-to-Page Personalization 
  • Heatmaps 
  • Workspace Scripts 
  • Custom Fonts 
  • SSO (Single Sign-On) 
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA 
  • Direct Lead-Bypass 
  • Audit Logs 
  • Bulk Lead Downloads 
  • Guaranteed Uptime-Converting SLA 
  • Page Migration Services 
  • Dedicated Launch Specialist 
  • Custom Feature Implementation 
  • Custom Integrations 
  • Conversion Consulting 
  • Design Services 
  • Customer Success Manager 


Fuel your campaigns and conversion goals with Instapage Ignite, our fully managed service option. Pricing is about to options to fit your needs. Flexible engagement options to align with your business needs now and in the future

Includes the following features

Instapage Ignite includes all of the features and functionality of the Build and Convert Plans plus the full support of our Expert Services team of CRO strategists, designers, writers, and engineers

  • Advertising campaigns audit & strategic assessment CRO experts dig into your campaigns to uncover conversion opportunities and create a strategic production plan. Instapage immerse ourselves in your brand and are dedicated to your business growth
  • Strategic roadmap & CRO framework Instapage create a production plan for your initial landing page experiences and testing, focusing on pages with the highest potential impact
  • Landing page production Our team will craft custom landing page experiences and page variations for your highest-value ad campaigns—including UX/UI design and conversion copywriting
  • Customized templates Instapage will build resuable templates, incorporating brand assets such as custom fonts, sticky headers, and styled forms that integrate with your CRM
  • Instablocks® & Global Blocks Instapage leverage blocks that can be customized, saved, and reused, making it easy to update content across pages
  • Page migration and redesigns Already have landing pages set up on another platform? Instapage can migrate your existing pages to Instapage and optimize or refresh the content to align with current best practices
  • A/B testing & optimization Instapage will create and test page variations based on your conversion goals
  • Advanced page functionality Supercharge your pages with pass-through parameter, date pickers, ranged sliders, quizzes, field masking/validation, API implementation, conditional forms, & 3rd party integrations

For more plan flexibility, contact Instapage.

The Build Plan includes unlimited conversions, 30K unique visitors per month, 30 published landing page experiences, 3 workspaces, and 3 team members. For even more features and functionality, talk to us about the Convert Plan.

How to Contact with Instapage?

Would you like to know more about improving your results with Instapage? Have questions about products? Or you may want to partner on co-marketing efforts like podcasts or joint reports. You can contact them on the Instapage Contact page.


Instapage is the ideal platform for solopreneurs and early-stage startup founders who want to create high converting campaigns quickly and easily. It offers a wide range of features, great integrations, and duel testing capabilities. Although it’s not the cheapest solution, it’s definitely worth considering for businesses seeking powerful conversion optimization solutions.

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