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For anyone serious about monitoring their Mac’s performance, iStat Menus is a comprehensive tool that puts a wealth of real-time system stats right at your fingertips. From CPU load to memory usage, and even intricate details like fan speeds and network connections, this Apple-notarized app ensures your Mac is running smoothly and efficiently. Try iStat Menus on Setapp and gain unparalleled insight into your Mac’s performance.

Notable Features of iStat Menus

With iStat Menus, you can:

  • Monitor Vital Statistics: Keep an eye on your Mac’s CPU and GPU usage, as well as other crucial sensory data, all via an accessible menu bar icon.
  • Customize Memory Stats: View your Mac’s memory usage in a format that suits your preference, including actionable information on which apps are consuming the most resources.
  • Analyze Network Connections: A detailed network monitor displays real-time data transfer rates and provides a breakdown of bandwidth usage by application.
  • Check Disk Usage: Stay informed about your hard drive and network drive’s status, read and write statistics, and get advanced S.M.A.R.T status monitoring.
  • Control Fan Speeds: Take command of your Mac’s cooling by setting custom fan rules, especially useful when running on battery power.
  • Extensive Weather Module: Access detailed weather forecasts, including temperature, wind speeds, and moon phases, alongside a world clock with sunset and sunrise times.
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Getting the Most Out of iStat Menus

Understanding iStat Menus is straightforward with Setapp’s integrated guides. They help you navigate the plethora of features and customization options available, ensuring you’re leveraging the app to its full potential to maintain optimal performance on your Mac.


In conclusion, iStat Menus is an indispensable monitoring tool for any Mac user looking to keep tabs on their system’s health and performance. Its rich feature set, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities make it a top choice among the plethora of Mac applications. Enhance your Mac experience and ensure you’re getting the most out of your device with iStat Menus, available through Setapp.

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