Jotform Discounts to Help You Save on Premium Plans  

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Jotform is committed to offering exclusive and seasonal promotions to help its customers save on premium plans. Normally, Jotform runs a 50% discount campaign on yearly plans on special days such as Black Friday. 

Thanks to BizStack’s special partnership with Jotform, the platform allows us to enjoy a 50% discount throughout the year. Note that, to be eligible for this offer, you’ll need to select an annual paid plan, which ensures you save up to 20% on Jotform premium subscriptions. 

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The best part is that you won’t need any Jotform coupon code to claim these offers. Jotform rarely provides promo codes when giving promotions. All you have to do is create an account with Jotform and click the “Discover” tab to find the one that appeals to you. 

This write-up discusses the latest Jotform discounts that’ll help you save on premium plans. Keep reading to discover a suitable subscription for your business. 

The Jotform Pricing Model 

Jotform is the tool that will save you from spending money on expensive software solutions. Their pricing model comprises a free trial, a freemium, and a one-time purchase plan. 

These plans are categorized as follows;  

Starter  Bronze Silver  Gold  Enterprise 
Free  $34/month  $39/month  $99/month Custom pricing
Single user account  Single user account  Single user account  Single user account  Multi-user account 
100 monthly submissions 1000 monthly submissions  2,500 monthly submissions 1000 monthly submissions Service Level Agreement 
5 forms form limit  25 forms form limit  50 forms form limit 25 forms form limit Unlimited forms usage 
100 MB space  1 GB space  10 GB space  100 GB space  Dedicated support 
100 fields per form  250 fields per form  250 fields per form 250 fields per form User management control 
1000 monthly form views  10,000 monthly form views  100,000 monthly form views  1,000,000 monthly form views  Unlimited monthly form views
500 total submission storage  10,000 total submission storage  25,000 total submission storage 100,000 total submission storage Unlimited total submission storage 
10 monthly signed documents  100 monthly signed documents  250 monthly signed documents  1000 monthly signed documents  Single Sign-On feature  
10 monthly payment submissions  100 monthly payment submissions  250 monthly payment submissions  1000 monthly payment submissions  Local data residency 
Jotform Branding  Jotform branding unavailable   Jotform branding unavailable   Jotform branding unavailable   Jotform custom branding and domain 
No HIPAA compliance feature  No HIPAA compliance feature  No HIPAA compliance feature  No HIPAA compliance feature  HIPAA compliance features are available 

Jotform Deals for Specific Types of Users 

Jotform’s deals are usually tailored to specific types of users based on their needs. You can either choose to be billed monthly or annually. However, if you choose the annual billing option, you can save up to 20% on Jotform’s premium subscriptions. Here are the deals Jotform is currently offering;  

Jotform offers all nonprofit organizations a 50% discount on their Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans. This is their way of appreciating nonprofit organizations for making a difference. 

If you opt for the Bronze plan, you’ll pay $17/month instead of the usual $34/month, with the annual billing option requiring you to pay $204/year. 

The Silver plan offers the best value because instead of paying $39/month to access more packages than those in the Bronze plan, you’d need to pay $19.50. You’ll be charged $234/year if you choose to be billed annually for this subscription. 

Lastly, Jotform’s 50% discount allows you to enjoy all the perks in the Gold plan for only $49.50/month instead of the regular $99/month, with the yearly billing option costing $594. 

  • Jotform Discount for Educational Institutions

Joftorm also gives educational institutions a 50% discount to enhance their learning processes. It ensures educators enjoy the Jotform data collection tool for half the regular price. All the plans offer the same payment terms and benefits as those in the nonprofit organization’s deal. 

  • Jotform Discount for G2 Users 

Jotform offers an exclusive 50% discount for G2 users after creating an account with the platform. This discount is for annual plans, and it is designed to elevate your form-building experience. 

You won’t need any Jotform promo code also to access this offer. Whether signing up for the first time or upgrading your account, your savings will automatically apply at the checkout page. 

In this deal, the Bronze plan goes for $19.50/month instead of $39/month, which is equivalent to $234/year if you pay a full annual subscription. 

The Silver plan will cost you $24.50/month instead of $49/month, with the annual billing option costing $294/year. 

Lastly, the Gold subscription costs $64.50/month instead of $129/month. A full-year subscription for the Gold plan costs $774. 

  • The Student Program 

The student program allows you to use Jotform’s survey tools for free. The Jotform Students Survey Program runs for an entire year; with it, you can unlock unlimited student survey submissions. 

It comprises ready-made survey templates, including demographic, market, and event satisfaction surveys. The best part is that you can customize any of these templates using Jotform’s drag-and-drop feature. 

However, it’s worth noting that if you use other forms, you’ll be limited to the submission limit allowed in this plan. 

  • Jotform Welcome Discount 

Finally, Jotform runs an exclusive welcome campaign where you can claim a 50% discount within 24 hours of creating an account. Note that this offer is for yearly subscriptions. So, if you opt for a monthly subscription, you must pay the full amount. 

Final Word 

Whether you are a solopreneur or an entrepreneur looking to streamline your form-building processes, the 50% Jotform discount has made it easy to create complex online forms by offering you a massive assortment of professional-looking templates for half the price. 

What we like about this platform is that it’s easy to use, even for first-timers. All you need is a couple of minutes to familiarize yourself with the tool, and you are on your way to creating professional-looking forms.  

Are there Jotform promo codes I can use in 2024? 

There is no Jotform discount code to claim at the moment. Jotform coupon codes rarely appear in their offers. 

Which payment method do I use to pay for a Jotform subscription?  

You can either use PayPal or a Credit/Debit (Mastercard, Visa, and Amex) card to subscribe to any of Jotform's plans. 

How do I cancel my Jotform subscription? 

To cancel any JotForm plan, log into your account and navigate the price icon. On the "Account" page, locate the "Billing" tab, click on it, and follow the instructions that appear. 

How can I contact Jotform customer support? 

If you have any queries or issues with your forms, contact JotForm at [email protected]. The customer service desk is open 24/7.  
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