Superhuman Review: The Ultimate AI-Powered Email App

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Backed by more than $100 million in venture capital from some of the most reputable investors, Superhuman AI is a much-hyped email client and productivity app claiming to provide users with the fastest email experience ever. From excellent keyboard shortcuts to follow-up reminders, scheduled messages, and many more features, the Superhuman app is just what you need to manage your emails. So, today, in this blog, we will dive into Superhuman email review, where we will be focussing on its features, work performance, and suitability for different users. Let’s discover how Superhuman offers the fastest email experience ever made in 2024.

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What is Superhuman? All About Its Best Features?

Superhuman is an email app for Outlook and Gmail users with pro features. This high-performing app offers the best productivity with its powerful features. With this software, individuals and companies can refurbish their email habits and completely transform their email management experience. 

Superhuman is like a Prada for email, offering a premium experience for handling emails as an individual. It is basically a rapid, fast email that puts a strong emphasis on keyboard “command bar” management, which is said to be a faster and much snappier way to interact and send new emails on the go. So, if you are looking to streamline your emails, then Superhuman is your ultimate pick.

The Most Exciting & Interesting Superhuman Features:

Use Superhuman To Turn An Idea Into an Email

One of the best things about the Superhuman platform is that with this app, writing an email has become quite fast. You can write faster than ever before. You no longer need to struggle to find the right words or spend precious time crafting the perfect email or message. All you have to do is just add some phrases, and Superhuman will do the rest for you. Moreover, Superhuman automatically matches the voice and tone of your emails that have already been sent and presents them in your inboxes. It will apply that to everything it creates.

Type With Superhuman As You Brew Thoughts

Superhuman also has another great feature where it helps you type super fast; with superfast, we mean as fast as you brew thoughts. This email service app fixes errors as you go, fixes missing letters, auto summarizes content and transposed characters, and many more. The auto-correct feature in Superhuman increases your typing speed by 30-50%, improving the productivity of not just individuals.

Use Superhuman To Research Anything You Want

Experience the power of the Superhuman email app, driven by tools like ChatGPT under the hood. With this advanced technology, you can extensively research almost any topic. Whether you’re curious about the URIs used by Google Calendar on iOS or seeking the best strategies for managing remote teams, simply ask, and Superhuman will provide the answers you need. When it comes to crafting emails on Gmail and Outlook that require thorough research, Superhuman is your go-to tool. It enables you to maintain unwavering focus and effortlessly stay in the zone, ensuring that your productivity reaches new heights with every email.

Summarize Long Communications Within Superhuman

Tired of sifting through long, never-ending conversations that seem to be nothing but walls of text? We’ve all been there. And it only gets more frustrating when we try to respond or forward the conversation from the inbox, adding to our colleagues’ workload. But fear not. There’s a solution. With the Superhuman Artificial Intelligence feature, you can effortlessly summarize those lengthy conversations. Not only will you save time and increase your productivity, but you’ll also make it easier for everyone else involved. Say goodbye to the endless scrolling and hello to efficiency with this email management software.

Integrate Social Platforms Like LinkedIn, Facebook & More

Integrate Social Platforms Like LinkedIn, Facebook & More

Superhuman seamlessly integrates social insights into your daily workflow, helping you gain valuable information about where your contacts are based and what they are up to. Discover conversation starters, common interests to bond over, and reasons to reconnect with your network. Expand your professional connections by effortlessly connecting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and X. With Superhuman, you can master the art of being perceptive, personal, and impactful in your interactions – ultimately, becoming exceptional at building meaningful relationships.

Curating Concise Communications With Artificial Intelligence

We are all currently in the age of information overload, and this is where Superhuman comes in as a great help. The app excels at distilling all verbose emails into crisp and compelling communication. There’s a critical need for clarity regarding professional exchanges between senders and receivers, and Superhuman understands that. It helps concisely transform drafts into sharp messages that drive action. With all the chaff ripped away, what remains is a direct call to action that recipients can respond to quickly and decisively. 

Live Snippets In Superhuman Command Bar

This feature of the Superhuman app is a huge timesaver as it helps create email templates that you can use again and again. The Superhuman also shares snippets live in the command bar and can be inserted into emails or as entire emails by hitting, and you are then good to go. Many individuals have used this Superhuman’s command prompt for simple lists and instructions as it saves loads of time. The key to the Superhuman experience lies in its powerful command bar. It has proven to be a game-changer, allowing us to accomplish tasks 2-3 times faster on a daily basis. Now, we rely on the Superhuman command prompt bar for frequent actions like email reminders (“h”) for Zoom or Google Meet and event creation (“b”), saving us valuable time every day. 

Seamless Calendar Integration In Your Email Accounts

In today’s fast-paced business environment, seamless calendar integration is essential for efficient scheduling and time management. Superhuman seamlessly integrates your main inbox with popular calendar applications, allowing users to effortlessly schedule meetings, appointments, and calendar events directly from their email interface. This seamless integration streamlines the process of coordinating schedules and enhances the overall productivity of your Gmail or Outlook emails.

Intuitive Keyboard Shortcuts

A close up of a black computer keyboard featuring AI-Powered Email.

Navigating through emails has never been easier, thanks to the Superhuman App’s intuitive keyboard shortcuts. By utilizing simple key combinations, users can effortlessly perform a wide range of actions, from composing new messages to organizing their inbox, all without lifting a finger from the keyboard. This feature not only saves time but also enhances the overall user experience by streamlining email management with every interaction.

Seamless Email Workflow Customization

Recognizing that every user has unique preferences and workflows, the Superhuman AI feature offers seamless customization options to tailor the email experience to individual needs. From customizable swipe gestures to personalized email templates, newsletters, and automated workflows, the app empowers users to mold their email environment according to their specific requirements, enhancing overall efficiency and user satisfaction.

Privacy and Security:
A black clock with a padlock on it, enhanced with AI-Powered technology.

We are currently in an era where we highly prioritize email privacy and security. Fortunately, the Superhuman Email productivity software understands that and puts a large emphasis on protecting user data. The software features a transparent privacy policy, robust encryption protocols, and built-in security features that convince users to trust this application for their sensitive information. With this application, you can stay assured that your information is completely safe and secure within the app’s ecosystem. It also gives users peace of mind in an age of increasing digital threats.

Superhuman Pricing

Superhuman applications are priced at the steep end of the market. One of the reasons why Superhuman has still not reached a vast audience is because of the budget factor. It costs about $30 per month, per user, and is paid monthly. For teams, plants are available starting from 5 users. If you are looking to save money with Superhuman, then you can get an annual plan for $25 pricing, which somehow is a budget-friendly plan in comparison to the one where you spend $30 a month.


In conclusion, the Superhuman AI-powered email app is a testament to artificial intelligence’s transformative power in revolutionizing email management. The super best features of the Superhuman email app, encompassing speed, insights, shortcuts, contact management, prioritization, customization, and security, collectively redefine the email experience for users across diverse domains. With its relentless focus on efficiency, productivity, and user empowerment, Superhuman continues to set the benchmark for next-generation email applications, empowering users to conquer their inboxes with unparalleled ease and sophistication. It’s time you sign up for Superhuman if you haven’t yet! But remember, only get Superhuman if you handle lots of emails daily.

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