Nick Baird’s Journey: Mastering Local SEO & Embracing Digital Nomad Life

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In this edition of the BizStack Solopreneur Spotlight, we delve into the life and business of Nick Baird —the visionary behind Nick of Time Digital Marketing. Nick is not just a solopreneur; he’s a digital nomad who has carved a niche for himself in local SEO, helping small businesses thrive amidst the ever-changing digital landscape.

Meet Nick Baird

A smiling young man named Nick Baird with curly hair and a light beard on a yellow background. He is wearing a brown shirt.
Nick Baird

A self-proclaimed solopreneur and digital nomad, Nick Baird relishes assisting small businesses to secure sustainable income through his local SEO services. With a background that has taken him from being an Amazon reseller to a political campaign organizer, Nick has found his calling in local SEO — a field less impacted by the whims of AI and algorithm updates that often disrupt national Google search marketing.

A Week in the Life of a Solopreneur

Nick describes his weekly schedule as an ideal match for his neurodivergent personality. His days start without an alarm, followed by a quiet breakfast and work from a local café or co-working space offering sustenance and Wi-Fi. Dividing his time between servicing clients and self-marketing, Nick has mastered the balance between professional growth and personal well-being. Leisure time is spent at the gym or his favorite bar, Neruda, enjoying local music.

Tools of the Trade

The backbone of Nick’s business lies in the adept use of technologies like Ahrefs for keyword research. This tool helps him identify commercial intent keywords, a cornerstone for enhancing his clients’ online presence.

Growth Strategies and Challenges

  • Effective Strategies: Networking stands out as the most powerful tool. According to Nick, a single referral outweighs the impact of numerous cold outreach efforts.
  • Greatest Challenge: Keeping focused on his objectives. Overcoming a meandering career path in his 20s by aligning his professional endeavors with his love for travel and deep appreciation for his clients has been key.

Significant Achievements

Moving to Germany in October 2023 with financial security and a clear vision for the future has been Nick’s crowning achievement thus far. This milestone underscores the essence of true solopreneur success — freedom and fulfillment.

Words of Wisdom

For those contemplating the solopreneurial journey, Nick advises starting with a clear understanding of your “why.” Drawing on this inward motivation can propel you through the challenges and uncertainties of entrepreneurship.

Nick Baird’s Lightning Round

In this lightning round, I asked Nick Baird to answer 12 rapid-fire questions:

What’s something that’s in your pocket right now, besides your phone?

My ear buds and a 10,000 shilling ($2) pack of cigarettes I brought back from Tanzania.

Artificial intelligence: hope or dread?


Your favorite place to think big?

At home with my meditation bowl and some medicinal marijuana in my body.

If you were out of business tomorrow, what job would you pursue?

A hug and somewhere to cry. The 9-5 might kill me.

One object from your childhood you could never throw away?

I don’t have anything leftover from my childhood, but I take a Tibetan singing bowl everywhere I go. It’s great for meditation!

One feature you wish your phone had?

I want to go back to a classic Razor. Phone are so addictive nowadays, I’d love to have a phone with a real keyboard and no access to the internet.

Your favorite mobile app?


The book that most influenced you?

Hoooo boy. This is a tough one, so I’ll name a few instead of just one: Man’s Search for Meaning, the Happiness Hypothesis, and An Unquiet Mind. Each contributed to my journey of healing and managing my bipolar depression.

Messy desk or clean desk?


One thing you always have in your fridge?


Your favorite time-saving hack?

I have too much time on my hands to be frank. I’m looking for ways to fill the gaps.

Best movie ever?

Pacific Rim for a big dumb action movie and Everything Everywhere All At Once for a zany but philosophical adventure.

Get in Touch with Nick

Nick’s journey is a testament to the beauty of solopreneurship—balancing personal freedom with professional growth. To learn more about Nick and how his expertise in local SEO can benefit your business, connect with him on LinkedIn.

You can also visit his website to explore the services he offers.

Want to dive deeper into the world of solopreneurship and digital nomadism or have a story to share? Stay tuned to our BizStack Solopreneur Spotlight series.

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