Success in the Cloud: Rishabh Beniwal’s Solopreneur Journey

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Welcome to another edition of the BizStack Solopreneur Spotlight, where we bring you the inside scoop on the journeys, trials, and triumphs of successful solopreneurs. Today, we’re thrilled to have an insightful conversation with Rishabh Beniwal, a Microsoft Certified Professional specializing in Azure Dev and DevOps.

A Week in the Life of a Cloud Computing Expert

Rishabh’s typical week is a blend of skill-honing and client outreach. He uses platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential clients, emphasizing the importance of networking in the digital age. But his work isn’t just about reaching clients:

  • Continuous Learning: Staying updated with the latest cloud technologies.
  • Networking: Expanding his professional network to find new opportunities.
  • Client Projects: Delivering top-notch solutions that leverage Microsoft Azure, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform.

Tools, Technologies, and Growth Strategies

Rishabh credits his success to several key strategies and tools:

  • Technological Arsenal: A suite of technologies, including Microsoft Azure, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform, form the backbone of his business, enabling him to offer cutting-edge solutions.
  • Networking and Cold Emailing: Rishabh believes in the power of reaching out. He has grown his business by connecting with others in his niche.

Overcoming Challenges

Every solopreneur’s journey has its challenges. For Rishabh, the initial hurdle was acquiring his first client without any prior connections. His relentless effort and strategic use of LinkedIn eventually paid off, leading to that pivotal first contract.

Advice for Aspiring Solopreneurs

Rishabh’s advice is pragmatic yet inspiring:

“Don’t quit your full-time job to start a side hustle.”

I’m also building BizStack as a side project while working full-time, and I totally agree with that.

This speaks volumes about his belief in the importance of stability while exploring entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s about taking calculated risks and making informed decisions.

Rishabh Beniwal

A Glimpse into the Personal Side of Rishabh Beniwal

Getting to know Rishabh outside of his professional life, we learned some interesting and relatable tidbits about him:

  • A handkerchief is a constant companion in his pocket, besides his phone.
  • His favorite place for thinking big is the comfort of his room.
  • If not running his business, he’d pursue a career as a trainer or consultant.
  • His favorite mobile app is YouTube Music, likely fueling his productivity and creativity with great tunes.
  • The book that most influenced him is “The Alchemist,” hinting at his journey-seeking philosophy.
  • His desk’s state fluctuates between messy and clean, showing a balance between chaos and order.

Parting Thoughts and How to Connect

Rishabh’s journey is a compelling reminder of the potential within the cloud computing niche and the broader tech industry. He underlines the importance of building a solid foundation in skills like cloud computing and AI for those looking to follow a similar path.

For anyone inspired by Rishabh’s journey or looking to dive into the cloud computing realm, he encourages you to focus on learning and skill development. As we wrap up this illuminating conversation, we invite you to connect with Rishabh on LinkedIn.

Thank you for joining us for this edition of the BizStack Solopreneur Spotlight with Rishabh Beniwal. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the solopreneur community!

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