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Hunting for an app that will simplify your note-taking without cluttering your desktop? Look no further than SideNotes, the ingenious sidebar app that keeps your notes accessible yet unobtrusive.

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SideNotes has been officially notarized by Apple, ensuring that it’s free from malicious software and ready to make your desktop experience smoother and more organized.

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Key Features

SideNotes is a versatile tool that snugly fits into the side of your Mac’s screen, ready to store text notes, code snippets, tasks, or that bunch of screenshots you just took. It’s cleverly designed to be conspicuous only when you need it, without interrupting your workflow. You can swiftly summon your notes with a customizable keyboard shortcut, or a simple click, and just as easily hide them away.

The app lets you pick its location—on the left or right side of your display according to your preference. Its support for monospaced fonts is a boon for coders, eliminating the need to hunt for font converters. Just copy your code and paste it directly into SideNotes. Moreover, with color-coding, markdown support, and task lists with checkboxes, your note-keeping is not only efficient but also pleasingly organized.

Don’t want to keep those insights to yourself? SideNotes grants you the power of choice with multiple sharing options. You can export your notes to Messages, Reminders, and other apps with a simple click of the share button. Now, collaborating with your team or sharing with your network is as effortless as the rest of the app’s features.

How SideNotes Enhances Your Mac Experience

Whether you’re a developer, writer, designer, or anyone who values productivity, SideNotes is tailored to help you stay on top of your game. Its seamless integration into your desktop landscape means that your notes are always a glance or a gesture away from aiding you in your tasks. Not only does this save you time, but it also keeps your workspace free from the clutter of multiple note windows.


With SideNotes, the once-tedious task of note management becomes an efficient, enjoyable part of your digital routine. The app’s seamless integration, intuitive design, and robust features ensure that your focus remains undivided as your productivity soars. Quell the chaos of desktop notes and elevate your Mac experience by giving SideNotes a try—your workflow will thank you.

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