The 10 Best CRM for Freelancers in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

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A Customer Relationship & Work management system or CRM is often seen as a tool many enterprises use to streamline their business processes. However, CRM tools can also be handy for freelancers to get more clients and efficiently manage all the project tasks. Freelancers or solo business owners have a growing workload and client base. This is where CRM for freelancers comes up as a great help to final personal and professional growth opportunities for their freelance business. 

But with so many options available, it becomes overwhelming to choose one software that will help you manage all your tasks. To help you out, we have identified some of the top providers of the best CRMs for freelancers. In this blog, we will discuss CRMs, why freelancers need them, and the list of the 10 best CRMs for freelancers in 2024. Let’s dive in and discover the top CRM for freelancers. 

What is CRM software? 

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship management. This solution has made managing our relationships with customers and potential customers easy. This project management tool covers many areas, such as sales process management, client management, contact management, reporting, task automation, and more. CRM tools also have the power to automate your workflow by aligning all the important everyday tasks so that you can focus more on the work that needs to be done. 

Why CRMs Are Important For Freelancers and Solopreneurs?

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The question that strikes us is why freelancers need to implement CRM systems into their businesses anyway. Freelancers or solo business owners deal with multiple clients and work on different projects, which can cause potential confusion. A CRM can help freelancers manage their business and customer relationships, too. 

One of the most significant benefits of implementing CRM software is that it helps you stay in sync and maintain a centralized database concerning your project and client information. In addition to that, it also enables freelancers to automate many tasks like data entry, making invoices, managing client relationships, or certain correspondences. This can be a huge time saver and money saver simultaneously. So, with CRM by your side, you don’t have to worry about managing these little tasks because CRM will become your assistant. 

The 10 Best CRM for Freelancers & Solopreneurs

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1. Hubspot CRM 

HubSpot is a robust and user-friendly CRM that makes it to our top list because of its ability to work for businesses of all sizes. The entry price of this software might be a little expensive, but its features justify entirely that. Freelancers often choose Hubspot because it is the best solution for building brand awareness. Not only that, but Hubspot CRM also provides various marketing and content management tools for freelancers, like mass email campaigns, blog hosting, online ads, SEO insights, landing page creation, and more. The software also excels in user experience, especially for solo entrepreneurs. It also offers a free plan that gives access to all software hubs with an easy setup process and highly intuitive tools.

2. Zoho CRM 

This great freelancer CRM tool is designed specifically for freelancers as it helps them handle customer billing cycles effectively with classic full-stack CRM features. It is one of the leading marketing CRMs that offers affordable customer invoicing and billing functionality. It allows freelancers to automate their recurring billing by setting up payment reminders. Zoho is a top-rated CRM for freelancers, but its interface is difficult to understand. The CRM offers an entirely free version plan for a lifetime. It is a perfect pick for new freelancers who have just begun with their small businesses.

3. Trello 

Regarding managing your client pipeline, Trello is an invaluable tool for freelancers. With its straightforward user interface and many features, Trello is a free CRM solution that caters to freelancers’ needs. Not only does it provide an intuitive platform for organizing client interactions, but it also offers a range of powerful marketing tools to streamline your freelancing business. Trello’s seamless functionality and user-friendly interface make it an essential resource for freelancers looking to optimize their client management and marketing efforts. Trello is the answer if you need a CRM that offers robust communication tools. 

4. is another top choice for freelancers when it comes to management tools. This work management software helps freelancers visualize the progress of their projects and deliverables. The tool features Kanban-style boards with color-coded tags to easily monitor deadlines and project milestones. It also has a time-tracking column that helps you monitor the time spent on the tasks. It offers a 14-day free trial version through which you can identify whether this CRM is helpful for your business. is best for freelancers who want to handle multiple clients and need user-friendly tools for task monitoring. 

5. Streak CRM 

Streak CRM is the best option for freelancing individuals working with Google Workspace. It is an ideal work management software for Indian individuals who love the easy interface of Gmail. You can easily access Streak directly from your Gmail inbox. It offers free and solo monthly plans for single users at $15. In addition to that, Streak also offers robust mass mailing and email tracking capabilities. Its key features include a sales pipeline, robust contact management, deal management, and native Google Workspace integrations. Streak’s system is customizable so that users can track any business project or pipeline. 

6. HoneyBook 

HoneyBook is another powerful CRM option for freelancers, and it has great tools to help them stay on top of their business. Honeybook offers the best tools for client management. This CRM flaunts a specially built system for solo businesses to manage clients, track projects, create proposals, and collect payments. You can also create templates for emails, invoices, or contracts. Although this marketing software doesn’t offer a freemium plan, it’s a great option for freelancers to oversee their day-to-day activities and business growth. 

7. Dubsado CRM 

If you are looking for a specific CRM software that helps you be at the top of your work profile, then DUbsado CRM is the ultimate answer. It is a great CRM and project management tool for solopreneurs and freelancers. This work management system helps you do basic customer relationship management and also handles automated email campaigns. The tool also gives you the ability to step up certain complicated workflows. Name the task, and Dubsado will help you do it. From sending personalized email templates to dynamic grouping for user actions, it does it all. The best part? It offers all of that at $35 per month, which is a great price. 

8. Freshsales

Freshsales is a CRM designed to help freelancers and small businesses automate their sales processes and provide a personalized experience to their clients. It offers features and tools like AI-based lead scoring, email tracking, and built-in phone capabilities, enabling freelancers to engage with their clients in a more efficient and targeted manner. Freshsales also provides in-depth analytics and reporting to help freelancers make data-driven decisions and optimize their client management strategies.

9. Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials is a CRM solution specifically tailored for small businesses and freelancers, offering a user-friendly interface and essential features to manage client relationships. With customizable dashboards, contact management, and opportunity tracking, freelancers can easily organize their client data and track their sales pipeline. Salesforce Essentials also provides access to the Salesforce ecosystem, allowing freelancers to leverage a wide range of apps and integrations to enhance their client management capabilities further.

10. Insightly

Insightly is a basic CRM platform that caters to freelancers and small businesses, providing a comprehensive set of features to manage contacts, tasks, and projects. Freelancers can use Insightly wide range of tools to track emails, manage leads, and collaborate with clients and team members. With its project management capabilities, freelancers can seamlessly transition from client acquisition to project delivery, ensuring a smooth and cohesive client experience throughout the entire lifecycle.

Final Words! 

In conclusion, this article was about the best premium and free CRM for freelancers. Choosing the right CRM for your freelance business can significantly impact your efficiency and success. Whether you’re a solo freelancer or part of a small team, the right CRM can help you stay organized, nurture client relationships, and ultimately grow your business. We have mentioned the list of the top robust CRM options that you can consider for your business and are perfect for freelancers. Consider the features, integrations, and scalability of each CRM to find the best fit for your specific needs. With the right CRM solution for freelancers in place, you can focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional work to your clients.

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