The Best CRMs For Solopreneurs & Freelancers

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Agree or not, many startups and small businesses have long been at a disadvantage when it comes to integrating technology and adopting new tools and resources. However, that was history; the present-day small businesses and solopreneur industry are growing, and so are the available solutions. A plethora of brands provide a host of software and tech solutions suitable for all businesses that cannot afford such luxuries.

Despite the growing number of available software and products, several people are not aware of these platforms and what they offer. So, if you are a solopreneur ready to invest in customer relationship management software, then you probably don’t know where to start. This is what we are going to discuss today.

CRMs are the sales and marketing software that help solopreneurs and freelancers capture leads, onboard new clients, and manage all ongoing projects effectively. But what are the features you are looking for? What CRM software will be suitable for your business? There are so many questions that might be hovering around in your mind. Fret not. We have researched for you and compiled a list of the best CRMs for solopreneurs and small business owners. We completely understand that finding the right CRM is an essential choice for solo business owners. So, let’s discuss the best CRM system freelancers and solopreneurs need to manage their workflow, improve productivity, automate their sales process, and many more things.

List of the Best CRMs For Freelancers, Solopreneurs, and Small Businesses:

HubSpot CRM: Stay On Top Of Your Business

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Hubspot CRM is one of the best user-friendly CRM solutions that offers a fully featured free plan with upgrade options that freelancers and solopreneurs can use to grow their client base. This top-rated free sales software provides customers with a robust free plan. The plan includes a meeting scheduler that lets you book a time that works for both of you and syncs with your calendar. In addition to that, with the Hubspot tool, you can also use its free Facebook messenger integration, mobile application, and customizable quotes to meet and coordinate leads and clients together,

Upgrading to the sales subscription of Hubspot will also give you additional tools like email tracking, ACH, card payments, and much more simple automation. Although HubSpot is one of the best free CRM software, its premium subscription can get costly for some solopreneurs. However, the tool truly justifies what it asks regarding subscriptions.

Key Features of HubSpot CRM:

  • The Freemium Model ( free trial period) of HubSpot leverages its core CRM tools for free with the ability to upgrade.
  • The HubSpot platforms provide sales, marketing, service, CMS, and Operations Hubs access.
  • HubSpot has great communication tools like Built-in Dialer, live chat, and Facebook Messenger.
  • HubSpot provides excellent customer support and an extensive knowledge base.

FreshSales CRM: Ultimate Choice For Solopreneurs

Another CRM software that helps solopreneurs and independent contractors is FreshSales CRM. This customer management tool features built-in communication tools and task and calendar syncing tools that help in client management. This software is rated the best general CRM platform with robust contact management and communication tools. The best part? This tool offers a free-for-life version as well. Users can leverage its built-in dialer and live chat to easily engage with their leads and clients directly from the platform.

You can also automatically log all the important information during the conversation within the tool. Moreover, with the help of FreshSales, you can send bulk SMS messages using providers like Click Send, ZipWhip, and Twilio. By integrating the communication tools offered by FreshSales, solopreneurs can also predict which potential projects will give fruitful results in the future. 

Key Features of FreshSales CRM:

  • It helps automate the repeating of the tasks and helps them assign to relevant contacts.
  • It has AI-powered sales tools that can calculate revenue and expense forecasting.
  • Its communication tools can be used to engage with clients via free phone alarms, live chat, and more.
  • It creates a filtered list that shows specific activities being conducted on the dashboard.

Zoho CRM: The Perfect Freelancer CRM

Zoho CRM can be your answer if you are looking for a less annoying CRM for your freelance business or solopreneur journey. This omnichannel cloud-based customer relationship management platform helps businesses with a global presence to have their business processes in control and build lasting customer relationships. It allows freelancers to automate recurring billing by setting up billing frequencies and payment reminders. 

For this reason, Zoho is a powerful CRM for small businesses and solo business owners who need help managing their finance-related tasks. Whether you have to manage timesheets, invoices, or quotes, it can manage it all. Although its user interface is a bit difficult to understand, if you want to manage your finances, then Zoho CRM is your answer.

Key Features of Zoho CRM:

  • It helps in managing the invoice lifecycles as it creates, sends, and tracks invoices for ongoing projects.
  • It customizes and sets up proration and billing cycle frequencies for subscription billing.
  • It provides easy access to social media management and marketing tools to improve sales.
  • With the presence of AI-powered sales features, it helps improve sales and marketing strategies using AI.

Streak CRM: Grow Your Business

Another great CRM platform that you can trust is the Streak CRM. This software offers native CRM tools for managing clients and integrates with Google Workspace very easily. The tool directly integrates with the Gmail inbox and also seamlessly integrates with other Google Workspace products like Sheets, Chat, Drive, and more. 

You can also create basic pipelines to color-code and assign deals to specific Gmail contacts and email conversations. Even though Streak is a Google CRM, it is a very basic tool for many businesses. However, it can also be hard to use for some people and does not allow for robust collaboration.

Key Features of Streak CRM:

  • It easily integrates with Google Workspace and helps manage emails, contacts, deals, and tasks in one place.
  • It helps monitor link clicks and email interactions with many of your leads and clients.
  • The tool also helps track your leads across different projects with multiple pipelines.
  • You can also implement premium pipelines by upgrading to premium tiers of the tool to have shared pipelines for your team.

Copper CRM

Copper is the ultimate choice if you are looking for a customer relationship management tool that easily integrates with Google Workspace and gives an effortless learning curve for beginners. This tool, without any coding requirements, integrates with Google and helps you manage leads, send emails, and complete all other tasks efficiently. In addition to that, it also gives you the convenience of Google Outlook, so you don’t have to dedicate any time to getting used to the software. 

In addition to that, Copper CRM also helps export contacts from Microsoft Excel, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. The tool also helps you automatically store all the recurring tasks in advance. Although it does not have a free plan, it does provide a 14-day free trial period to check whether this tool fits your sales efforts or not. 

Key Features of Copper CRM 

  • It helps in contact and account management of the customers.
  • It instantly accesses contextual information about your Google Calendar meeting Attendees.
  • It automatically attaches and views the files you send to customers and prospects.
  • The CRM features Hangout Chats that offer chatting capabilities between both individuals as well as groups of people in rooms. Sales CRM: Simplicity & Ease of Use

Solopreneurs and independent contractors nurture their businesses, and that’s why they want nothing but CRM options that are easy to navigate and help in project management. One perfect CRM tool that many solopreneurs trust and you can too, is Sales CRM. It is a highly customizable work management software that helps solo business owners and freelancers visualize the progress of their projects and deliverables. The CRM is an excellent tool that features Kanban-style boards with color-coded tags. This helps you view deadlines and project milestones.

In addition to that, this CRM provides a time tracking column that monitors the time spent on different tasks or accesses your log history to get a snapshot of all the time tacked. This helps you update the clients on your progress and helps you bill them accurately. If you explore the best CRM list, then you will surely find in the list because of its ease of use and onboarding customer support, which is quite important for many business owners. In short, it is the best CRM for your freelance or solopreneur business projects. 

Key Features of CRM:

  • This CRM can help you organize projects by type, due date, and status in one workspace.
  • It also helps you track your projects using different column types, templates, and colors.
  • It monitors the time spent per task and views the progress using the log history.

This CRM allows you to view all the upcoming projects and deadlines in a visual timeline. 

Pipedrive CRM: Manage Your Sales

If you need a CRM to help you manage your business’s sales pipeline, Pipedrive is the ultimate solution. This sales CRM offers the best project management tools that streamline your sales process with the help of its clutter-free user interface. Using this tool, you can control your sales process by simultaneously monitoring all the calls, emails, and other tasks. In addition to that, this project management software also helps you track sales cycles and project details so that you can easily plan your strategies accordingly. 

Pipedrive also automates tasks like sending follow-up emails, reviewing the data, and lots more things. This saves time for the user as they don’t have to repeat each task every day manually. Moreover, Pipedrive also provides real-time updates on your customer deals and transactions that help you keep all of your business aspects organized. 

Key Features of Pipedrive CRM:

  • This CRM works to customize your sales pipeline in simple stages.
  • It makes your entire sales process more accessible and helps address multiple opportunities.
  • It lets you track all of your sales cycles and project details together.
  • It helps you have a clear picture of your business performance according to your goals.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you are a solopreneur or freelancer in need of reliable customer relationship management (CRM) software, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. CRMs are essential tools that can help you capture leads, onboard clients, and effectively manage ongoing projects. With the variety of features and options available, it is crucial to find a CRM data tool that is suitable for your specific business needs. 

These recommended CRMs have been selected based on their user-friendly interfaces, robust features, and positive user feedback. By investing in the right CRM, you can streamline your sales and marketing processes, enhance client communication, and ultimately boost your business productivity and success.

Remember, choosing the best CRM for your business is a decision that should be based on your unique requirements and preferences. We hope that our list serves as a helpful starting point in your search for the perfect CRM solution.

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