BetterTouchTool Review: Command Your Mac With Custom Gestures and Shortcuts

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For savvy Mac users looking to tailor their workflow down to the last gesture, the search for the perfect tool can be exhaustive. That is until they discover BetterTouchTool, the powerhouse of customization available on Setapp. Imagine shaping your Mac’s responses like putty to every tap, swipe, or keystroke – BetterTouchTool makes it not just possible, but simple.

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Key Features

Notarized by Apple, BetterTouchTool stands out as a safe, refined utility that has undergone rigorous checks to ensure it is free of malicious software. The app shines with its ability to let you control a wide array of input devices – from the Trackpad to the Touch Bar and even your iPhone or iPad with BTT Remote. It caters to your preference for triggering actions precisely how and when you want.

Whether it’s overhauling the Touch Bar to show what’s useful to you or reinventing keyboard shortcuts, BetterTouchTool equips you with an integrated clipboard manager and a powerful screenshot tool, diminishing the need for extra apps. It even extends its utility to hardcore users with options for executing AppleScript and web server commands.

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Custom Gesture Guide

Empower your Mac like never before with BetterTouchTool’s custom gestures. This transformative capability allows you to assign a gamut of actions to simple movements or clicks. Can’t get used to the Touch Bar? BetterTouchTool lets you retrofit it with custom buttons and display shortcuts, catapulting its utility.

To begin with, simply select an input device and pair it with your desired actions. Want a trackpad gesture that fits just your workflow? Or a keyboard shortcut that accelerates your productivity in specific apps? BetterTouchTool is your genie, awaiting your command. Personalizing your Touch Bar is equally straightforward, adding tangible efficiency and ease to your daily tasks.

BetterTouchTool on Setapp is the magician’s wand for Mac users looking to bring their efficiency and command over their system to a new zenith. With trust from Apple and love from the team behind it, it’s an investment that turns time into a friend and touches into powerful commands. Try it out and transform your Mac experience into a realm of endless possibilities.

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