Buildwatch on Setapp Review: Essential Build Time Tracker for Xcode

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As developers, we’re always looking for tools to streamline our workflow and optimize our time. That’s why Buildwatch for Xcode on Setapp has caught the attention of many iOS and macOS developers. But is it the right tool for you? Let’s find out.

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Key Features

Buildwatch asserts itself as a notarized app by Apple, providing the reassurance of security, since it’s been scanned and cleared of any malicious software. But beyond safety, Buildwatch offers a suite of features that cater to developers looking to efficiently manage their build times within Xcode:

  • Comprehensive Build Tracking: Monitor your build times comprehensively. With Buildwatch, you can see the average and total time spent on your builds in Xcode.
  • Time Management: View the time spent on app builds over various periods, such as days, weeks, months, years, or even all-time.
  • Build Count: Keep tabs on the number of builds for your projects, providing insights into your work volume.
  • Menu Bar Stats: Pin key statistics to your menu bar for instant access to your most critical build data.
  • Graphical Data Representation: Data is displayed in elegant graph formats, offering a visual understanding of your time distribution across projects.
  • Detailed Project Insights: Get granular with your project stats. Buildwatch helps you identify bottlenecks and optimize your workflow in Xcode.
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How To Maximize Your Workflow with Buildwatch

While the guide content specifically for leveraging Buildwatch to its fullest potential isn’t provided, the essential idea is straightforward: Track, analyze, and optimize. By taking advantage of the detailed statistics and graphical representations Buildwatch offers, developers can dive deep into how they’re spending their time in the Xcode environment. This can not only lead to more efficient build processes but can also uncover hidden inefficiencies that might have gone unnoticed without such detailed tracking and analysis.

Buildwatch on Setapp has been crafted with love from the development team, ensuring that updates and improvements have been thoughtfully implemented. And for those looking to expand their toolset, remember that Setapp offers a vast array of apps in addition to Buildwatch to cover all your productivity needs.

For iOS and macOS developers, finding efficiencies in the development cycle is paramount, and Buildwatch offers a hands-off approach to tracking time spent in Xcode, arming you with the knowledge to make data-driven decisions about your workflow. Implementing Buildwatch in your regular development practices is a step towards smarter work time management — an advantage that comes hand-in-hand with membership in the Setapp ecosystem.

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