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Directly control brightness, contrast, volume on external monitors connected to your Mac with this handy helper.

As workspaces evolve with more complex setups, managing multiple monitors can become a tedious task. Enter DisplayBuddy, an Apple-notarized tool designed to create a seamless experience by integrating control of your external monitors’ settings directly into your Mac’s menu bar. With DisplayBuddy, which has been scanned for malicious software and found to be safe, convenience is just a click away.

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Key Features

Automate Your Display Settings: Automate routine actions like adjusting display brightness, contrast, and volume depending on your surroundings and time of day with ease. Save time and effort with DisplayBuddy—a tool made to enhance your day by embedding external display controls into your Mac’s menu bar. Whether for work, entertainment, or play, adjust your external displays effortlessly!

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Convenient Preset Modes: If you frequently operate in different environments or for various uses, DisplayBuddy allows you to create your own presets for optimal work, lighting, and viewing circumstances. Switch between presets instantly, adapting your displays to your needs without fumbling through manual adjustments.

Multiple Display Management: For those with multi-monitor setups, control has never been simpler. Add your displays (most made within the last five years are supported) and enjoy an enhanced viewing experience. Control brightness, volume, and more across all your displays from one convenient location.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard warriors rejoice—DisplayBuddy lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts for controlling your monitors. This means less time reaching for the mouse, and more time being productive, gaming, or enjoying your media seamlessly.

How-To Guide

Automate Your Display Control: With multiple screens being the norm, DisplayBuddy steps in as your central command for monitor settings. You can change color, brightness, volume, and resolution across your monitors simultaneously to match your specific setup. Even better, you can turn off all monitors at once, saving you the hassle of managing each one individually.

Creating consistent settings across your monitors is a breeze with custom presets. After adjusting settings on a specific monitor, simply click the Settings icon and choose “Save as preset.” Name it for easy recall—like “Night Mode” for dimmed evening setup. These presets help maintain your preferred look and feel throughout the day with just a click.

If you’re seeking a hassle-free way to manage multiple monitors with preset modes and handy keyboard shortcuts, DisplayBuddy is the solution you need. Enhance your multi-monitor experience by downloading DisplayBuddy through Setapp, and join a growing collection of curated apps aimed at improving your Mac experience.

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