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If you’re a Mac user, you know how essential fast and efficient file searching is for productivity. That’s where HoudahSpot comes into play. It’s not only a potent search tool but also a massive timesaver, ensuring you spend less time hunting for files and more time working with them. Let’s dive into how HoudahSpot can take your file-search game to the next level.

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Key Features

Find files faster: The intuitive quick search field in HoudahSpot lets you start with simple searches like “invoice” or “logo” and then refine from there. With support for a wide range of search criteria, including name, size, date, tag, and even resolution, you can create incredibly specific searches that make finding that needle in the haystack a breeze. Plus, with the ability to customize which properties you see in the results—think tags, file paths, sizes, and more—you’re fully in control of your search experience.

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How-To Guide

Spotlight alternative that finds it all: HoudahSpot is your search powerhouse, giving you the flexibility to search specific folders, types of files, or even exclude certain locations. Combine various criteria to narrow down results quickly and effortlessly. Want to find an old newsletter mentioning “user interviews”? Just type in your term, specify Apple Mail messages, and presto—there’s your document!

Harness the power of templates: Save time using search templates by defining and saving custom properties for recurrent searches. These templates can be quickly accessed from the sidebar or under Settings > Templates, making it easy to start sophisticated searches at a moment’s notice.

Make HoudahSpot a staple in your menu bar for easy access, and define global shortcuts for launching searches no matter what you’re doing on your Mac. With HoudahSpot, your search capabilities are significantly enhanced, letting you find exactly what you need with minimal effort.


With HoudahSpot at your disposal, courtesy of Setapp, your file search process on Mac is not only enhanced but completely transformed. By combining search criteria, reusing search templates, applying advanced filters, and making use of power user features, you’ll find that the files you need are always just a quick search away.

Need more convincing? Remember, Setapp offers a vast collection of curated apps to improve your workflow, and HoudahSpot is a brilliant gem among them. Experience it yourself by signing up and downloading Setapp on your Mac.

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