MenubarX on Setapp | An Ingenious Way to Web Browse from Your Menu Bar

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Explore a new dimension of browsing efficiency with MenubarX, the menu bar-integrated web browser designed to give you immediate access to your online content without the footprint of traditional browsers. Whether it’s for work or leisure, MenubarX ensures that your favorite web pages are never more than a click away.

Try MenubarX on Setapp and revolutionize the way you interact with the web on your Mac.

Key Features of MenubarX

Seamless Menu Bar Integration: MenubarX lives in your Mac’s menu bar, offering a unique browsing experience that’s both convenient and unobtrusive. Navigate your favorite websites with ease, and never lose sight of the task at hand.

Unlimited Access: There’s no limit to the number of pages you can open or bookmark with MenubarX. Customize your homepage and bookmark icons for instant recognition, streamlining your web navigation to perfection.

Optimized Performance: If desktop browsers with their massive memory usage have been slowing you down, MenubarX is the lightweight solution you’ve been waiting for. It’s notarized by Apple, guaranteeing safety and providing excellent performance while minimizing memory usage.

Comprehensive Customization: Tailor your browsing experience to your own preferences. Adjust window sizes, utilize shortcuts for quick actions, and choose between pinned or detached window modes. Enter dark mode for a comfortable night-time browsing experience, and take advantage of features like the device simulator, quick search, and native app mode.

Stay Updated: MenubarX ensures your web content stays fresh with automatic background updates. Your open pages will refresh without disrupting your workflow, letting you view the latest content instantly whenever you click the menu bar icon.

Joining Setapp: By signing up for Setapp, you unlock the full potential of MenubarX along with a growing collection of high-quality applications. Let Setapp’s AI-powered search guide you to the best tools for your needs, with reviews and recommendations to help you make informed decisions.

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How to Utilize MenubarX Effectively

While MenubarX has not defined a specific guide, getting the most out of this innovative browser requires an understanding of its key features. By personalizing the settings to match your workflow and utilizing shortcuts, you can ensure MenubarX aids in your productivity rather than hinders it.


In conclusion, MenubarX provides a compelling, minimalist solution for anyone looking to declutter their digital workspace without sacrificing the convenience of web access. Through its array of features and impeccable design, MenubarX on Setapp tackles the common challenges of web browsing with impressive finesse. If memory-intensive browsers have been a thorn in your side, MenubarX might just be the lightweight champion you need.

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