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When it comes to managing PDFs, whether you’re consolidating research papers, preparing an industry report, or archiving important documents, an all-encompassing PDF tool is a necessity for the modern professional. Nitro PDF Pro, now available on Setapp, claims to offer a comprehensive solution for all your PDF needs, from creation to collaboration. In this review, we’ll explore whether Nitro PDF Pro stands up to the task.

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Key Features of Nitro PDF Pro

First impressions matter, and Nitro PDF Pro doesn’t disappoint with its robust feature set. Apple’s notarization—a safety stamp for apps on macOS—provides the first layer of trust, meaning the app is free from malicious software and approved for use.

Create and Edit: With Nitro PDF Pro, editing PDFs becomes an effortless task. You can add page numbers, footers, headers, bookmarks, and more. Resizing, copying, and deleting images within your documents are made simple, making this software an editor’s delight.

From Scans to Editable PDFs: The app’s OCR capability stands out by allowing you to transform scanned documents into fully editable PDFs, reducing the tedious work associated with retyping and document recreation.

Annotation and Collaboration: Nitro PDF Pro emphasizes collaboration. Add annotations or detailed comments, reply to colleagues’ notes, and even add scribbles or drawings to get your point across clearly and concisely. This feature is a game-changer for team projects and peer reviews.

Smart Comparison: When you need to compare different editions or versions of a document, Nitro PDF Pro can quickly pinpoint differences in text and images, significantly reducing the time spent on manual comparisons.

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Conversion and Integration: Nitro PDF Pro flexes its muscle in document conversion. Effortlessly convert your PDFs to Microsoft Office formats while preserving layout, fonts, and images. Save and sync your documents to cloud services like iCloud or Dropbox for seamless access across devices.

Security: Security is handled with due diligence in Nitro PDF Pro. Manage user permissions, add passwords, and utilize encryption and digital IDs to safeguard your documents. The digital signature feature streamlines the authentication process without compromising on security.

Merge, Rearrange, and More: Creating comprehensive reports or presentations is easier than ever with the ability to merge multiple PDFs into one. Rearrange pages with a simple drag-and-drop interface, or extract pages to create new documents or convert them to images in moments.

How Does Nitro PDF Pro Enhance Workflows?

The benefits of Nitro PDF Pro are evident in its sprawling feature set. But it’s not just about having a multitude of features; it’s their thoughtfulness and integration that streamline workflows. The ambitious professional or the meticulous academic can rely on Nitro PDF Pro to enhance day-to-day tasks, from touching up a proposal to compiling thorough research compilations.

Reducing paper usage by digitizing document management contributes to greener business practices, and Nitro PDF Pro is on the frontline, transforming printed material into manageable, editable, and shareable digital files.


As this review of Nitro PDF Pro on Setapp reveals, the app is a power player in the realm of PDF management. Its combination of editing, converting, collaborating, and securing features makes it a strong candidate for anyone looking to manage documents effectively. With a user-friendly interface and robust performance, Nitro PDF Pro is well worth considering for your documentation needs.

Embrace a paperless office, simplify your workflows, and secure your documents with Nitro PDF Pro on Setapp. Give it a try and experience the convenience and power of professional PDF management.

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