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Struggling to concentrate or relax in the noisy confines of your workspace or home? Noizio could be the solution to your problem. The app offers a stunning array of ambient sounds designed to help you focus, relax, or set a specific mood with ease.

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This Mac app has passed Apple’s notarization, ensuring it’s free from malicious software and safe for your device. So dive in with peace of mind and explore how Noizio can transform your aural environment.

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Key Features

Noizio boasts a selection of ambient sounds that include a coffee house buzz, the soft rumble of a thunderstorm, soothing October rain, a warm campfire, the rhythmic crash of sea waves, and more. Perhaps the chime of wind chimes, the babble of a river stream, or even the silence of deep space is more your tune? Whatever your preference, select, mix, and enjoy sounds that suit your moment.

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The intuitive settings allow you to control when your sounds play and for how long. With easy setup and seamless loop playback, your soundscape will persist uninterrupted. Enhance your productivity with background music that keeps you in the zone, or mix your favorite sounds to create a personalized atmosphere that plays as soon as your Mac boots up.

Save custom mixtures with a click and call upon them anytime to recreate your ideal environment. Time your sessions with the handy timer, perfect for interval training or drifting off to the rattle of a distant thunderstorm.

How-To Guide

While the guide section seems to be missing, getting started with Noizio is simple. After signing up for Setapp and downloading the app, explore its straightforward interface to start curating your backdrop of sounds right away.

For those keen on discovering more apps, Setapp offers an ever-expanding collection of apps reviewed and recommended by experts, all searchable with their AI-powered search function.


Noizio is more than an ambient sound app—it’s an experience tailored to soothe your senses, improve your focus, and enrich your life through sound. Whether it’s the sweet serenade of nature or the hum of a distant galaxy, Noizio is your ticket to an acoustic ambience that’s uniquely yours. Let the sounds begin and bring a sense of calm or concentration to your environment today.

Download Noizio now on Setapp and embrace the art of aural refinement.

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