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When it comes to calculations on your Mac, why settle for the basics when you can express and solve complex math elegantly? Meet Numi, a notarized app by Apple that goes beyond your expectations to deliver high-level math and conversion capabilities in a strikingly simple interface. It’s time to elevate your calculating experience beyond one-by-one operations. Try Numi on Setapp today!

Key Features

With Numi, your math goes through a transformative change. Whether it’s simultaneous calculations or navigating through categories as diverse as currency conversions to CSS units, Numi leaves no stone unturned:

  • Simultaneous multiple calculations: Presenting a next-level approach, multiply, divide, subtract, and more, all at once.
  • iCloud synchronization: Track your operations with ease as your calculations stay updated across your devices.
  • World clocks and time zone conversions: A one-click solution to check times and date differences across the globe.
  • Percent operations: Simplified solutions for adding, subtracting, and calculating percentages and their values.
  • Alfred integration: Easily perform quick calculations without the need for the built-in Mac calculator.
  • Support for web units: Including pixels (px), points (pt), EM, and customizable PPI (pixels per inch).
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Moreover, with regular updates lovingly crafted by our team, Numi keeps getting better. Ready to give your Mac’s calculating power an upgrade? With just a sign up, explore a world of apps including Numi, right on your Mac. Find your AI search, app reviews, and recommendations all in one place with Setapp.

How-To Guide

Why adjust to a regular calculator when Numi intuitively does more than you can imagine? In a notepad-like interface that comprehends your language, Numi encourages a new way of doing math:

  • Natural language understanding: Type “5% of what is 130” or “10 USD + 15 EUR” and Numi engages with results instantly.
  • Organized notes: Separate your calculations into notes by clicking the plus button, and Numi will remember them all.
  • Your calculation history at a glance: Revisit past calculations anytime via the hamburger menu and search through them without hassle.

Allow this guide to facilitate quicker resolution of tasks, and indeed, add some joy to the process. Discover more helpful guides tailored for your needs below.


From detailed and simultaneous calculations to intuitive unit and time zone conversions, Numi redefines what you can achieve with a calculator. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about the seamless integration of functionality and flexibility — all crafted into a stunningly user-friendly application. Transform the way you compute on your Mac with Numi, available through the treasure trove of apps on Setapp.

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