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Imagine the peace of mind during presentations when unwanted notifications and icons can’t interfere. PliimPRO is the solution, ensuring that your Mac remains in a professional, presentation-ready state.

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Distraction-Free Screen Sharing

With PliimPRO, you gain the power to control what your audience sees and, more importantly, what they don’t. Certified by Apple, this tried-and-trusted app promises a secure experience without malicious software to worry about. Here’s how PliimPRO refines your screen sharing:

  • Hides Pesky Notifications: Activate presentation mode and all your Mac’s desktop notifications disappear. No more alarming Mail alerts or message pop-ups to distract your viewers.
  • Custom Folder Names: Label your folders as you wish without worrying about them showing up during your presentation. Stealth mode for desktop icons and active apps? One click and it’s done.
  • Seamless Mic Control: Don’t fuss over various apps’ mute intricacies. With PliimPRO, muting your microphone is as simple as using a persistent Touch Bar icon or a keyboard shortcut, making it universal across all meeting platforms.
  • Universal Compatibility: Whether it’s Zoom, Hangouts, or FaceTime, PliimPRO’s presentation mode flawlessly meshes with any meeting app for streamlined control.
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Easy Restoration

Once your presentation concludes, PliimPRO doesn’t leave you hanging. Your settings return to normal with the same ease and simplicity, allowing you to pick up right where you left off—with no fuss.

PliimPRO not only dresses your desktop for success but does so with a seamless user experience, backed by updates crafted with love from the PliimPRO team. When you sign up for Setapp, you get access to PliimPRO and an ever-growing suite of premium apps that can transform your productivity on your Mac.

To dive into a world where screen sharing is effortlessly professional and distractions are a thing of the past, download PliimPRO via Setapp today.

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