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There’s no way you can fail the next math exam if you have this app installed on your Mac. Solve equations, draw plots, and handle every single algebra scenario — effortlessly.

Mathematics can be a daunting subject for many, but what if there was a tool that could take the complexity out of complex calculations, making them almost trivial? Enter PocketCAS, a mathematical tool that stands out as your Mac’s ultimate math-solving companion. From algebra to calculus, this app not only helps you solve equations but also empowers you to visualize complex problems with intuitive plots and graphics.

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Key Features

Notarized by Apple, PocketCAS ensures a secure and reliable solution for all your mathematical needs, without the worry of malicious software. This versatile calculator supports a breadth of mathematical calculations from solving linear equations to polynomial factorization, capable of working efficiently even when you’re off the grid.

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Whether for educational or professional purposes, PocketCAS’s plotting capabilities bring data sets to life. You can visualize your findings in 2D and 3D, and even animate your plots for dynamic presentations. Its advanced graphic capabilities mean you’ll always deliver the most insightful visual interpretations.

Flexibility is key with PocketCAS. It comes with its own C-like scripting language, allowing you to define custom functions and run advanced computations including loops and recursion. Need a specific function? If PocketCAS doesn’t already have it, you have the tools to create it.

Forget about the clunky process of typing out complex physical formulas. With a powerful in-built visual matrix editor, composing formulas becomes a breeze. The app also includes a full complement of readily available units and constants, along with a tailored mathematical keyboard designed for ease and efficiency.

And with iCloud syncing, you can shift your work between your Apple devices seamlessly, making sure your calculations follow wherever you go. The simple export and import features mean sharing and printing your graphs are just a few clicks away, with support for CSV import for your data sets.

Setapp Integration

From the team that cares, signing up with Setapp gives you instant access to PocketCAS along with a growing collection of top-notch apps. Enjoy curated reviews, recommendations, and use the innovative AI search feature to discover even more utility within the Setapp ecosystem. Prepare to elevate your Mac experience.

In the pantheon of mathematical software, PocketCAS indubitably stands as a paragon of versatility and power. It’s not just a utility; it’s a game-changer that transforms your Mac into a math-solving powerhouse. For scholars, scientists, engineers, or anyone looking to demystify the world of mathematics, downloading PocketCAS via Setapp isn’t just a choice—it’s a strategic move towards peak productivity and insight.

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