Solopreneur Success: Prakriti Singh’s Roar Ventures Journey

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Welcome to the latest entry in our BizStack Solopreneur Spotlight series. Today, we’re showcasing an inspiring solopreneur, Prakriti Singh, the driving force behind Roar Ventures Kamshet, a captivating camping and outdoor venture embedded in the lush landscapes of rural Maharashtra.

Meet Prakriti Singh: From Digital Product Manager to Nature’s Host

Prakriti is no stranger to the fast-paced world of digital product management, with a rich background spanning the banking, insurance, PHR Tech, and EdTech industries. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, Prakriti yearned for a different kind of fulfillment – the kind that only nature can offer.

“I always wanted to slow down and live a slow intentional life in nature.”

Prakriti Singh

Her passion project, Roar Ventures, emerged from a dream to share the joy of slow living with others. “I always wanted to slow down and live a slow intentional life in nature,” Prakriti shares. Her venture now stands as a testament to her dedication, becoming a gateway for many to experience the tranquil countryside life of rural Maharashtra.

A woman, Prakriti Singh, smiling in front of a yellow wall with framed pictures.
Prakriti Singh, the host of Roar Ventures Kamshet

A Week in the Life of a Campsite Solopreneur

Prakriti walks us through her weekly routine, offering us a glimpse into the life of a solopreneur running a campsite:

  • Weekends are dedicated to hosting and managing operations on-site, ensuring guests have lifetime experiences.
  • Early weekdays focus on content creation for Instagram, believed to be the heart of her business’s presence.
  • Bookings and inquiries are seamlessly managed through integrated Instagram and Whatsapp messaging, supplemented by Google Marketing for broader reach.

Tools, Technologies, and Growth Strategies

“Consistency of content creation, following trends, and regular posting on social media is crucial.”

Prakriti Singh

On the importance of digital tools, Prakriti credits regular posting on Instagram and the strategic use of tools like the Preview app and Keywords Everywhere for keeping her audience engaged and informed. For her, the golden rule for growing an online business, especially in the camping and outdoor niche, is simple yet profound: “Consistency of content creation, following trends, and regular posting on social media is crucial.”

Despite her successes, Prakriti admits the journey hasn’t been without its challenges, particularly in balancing work with personal life. Her solution? Clear boundaries and dedicated off-screen breaks. Among her proudest achievements, Prakriti cites Roar Ventures’ organic reach and collaborations with influencers, as well as a successful 120-person event managed single-handedly, as milestones that affirm her vision and hard work.

Parting Wisdom for Aspiring Solopreneurs

For those on the brink of their own solopreneur journey, Prakriti offers candid advice:

It can become lonely at times, but remember why you started this journey in the first place. It’s okay to fail, but the learnings this experience will give will make it worthwhile.

Prakriti Singh

More Than Meets the Eye

In a rapid-fire round of personal revelations, Prakriti shares insights from her pocket contents to her source of hope and even her ultimate comfort food:

  • Always in her pocket: Car keys – ready for the next adventure.
  • AI: A beacon of hope in a constantly evolving landscape.
  • Favoring the great outdoors for brainstorming and ideation.
  • A cherished childhood relic: A yellow frisbee, symbolizing freedom and play.
  • Unwind with: Chocolates and yogurts always stocked in her fridge.

Your Invitation to Experience Roar Ventures Kamshet

Intrigued by Prakriti’s journey and eager to delve into the serene world of Roar Ventures? She encourages you to visit her Instagram page and discover the joy of countryside camping. Who knows? It might just inspire your next great adventure or even your own solopreneurial endeavor.

Through dedication, creativity, and a genuine passion for nature and community, Prakriti Singh embodies the spirit of modern solopreneurship. Her story is a vivid reminder of the possibilities that lie in pursuing one’s passions, regardless of the industry or niche.

Roar Ventures is a top-rated camping ground in the area.

Connect with Roar Ventures

Ready to explore the great outdoors with Roar Ventures? Follow the journey on Instagram and embark on your own adventure into nature, relaxation, and self-discovery.

Prakriti Singh’s journey from a digital product manager to a beloved host amid nature’s embrace is not just inspiring but a call to action for many dreaming of a life beyond the conventional. Her story, filled with ups and downs, achievements, and learning, is a beacon for aspiring solopreneurs everywhere.

More from Prakriti

Here’s what Prakriti shared on her social media about her solopreneur journey and her thoughts about this interview.

When I started my solopreneur journey in 2020, I wasn’t sure how long I could sustain it. It began as more of a side hustle, a means to promote slow living.

In April 2022, I unexpectedly lost my job due to the Russian war. I had been working with a Russian startup, and their funding was impacted.

Suddenly, I found myself relating to all the posts on LinkedIn discussing the importance of having multiple sources of income, side hustles, and following one’s passion. That’s when I resolved to fully commit and transform Roar Ventures into a recognizable brand and an autopilot business.

Reflecting on my journey now, as I receive requests for mentoring and interviews, I marvel at how much I’ve grown over these past years. While I’ve returned to Product Management, they say once a solopreneur, always a solopreneur.

Prakriti Singh, on LinkedIn

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