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Enhance your online presentations with Presentify, a powerful menu bar app for Mac that allows you to draw, annotate, and highlight directly on the screen. Perfect for educators, presenters, and professionals seeking to captivate their audience.

Discover how Presentify can transform your presentation game:

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Key Features

Notarized by Apple and secure, Presentify has been thoroughly scanned for malicious software, so you can rest easy knowing your presentations won’t be compromised. Its robust annotation toolset enables you to highlight critical areas and ideas using a variety of colors, shapes, and gradients, ensuring your key points stand out. The multi-screen support is a game-changer, making it exceptionally effortless to present on multiple displays.

Presentify doesn’t just enhance your visual aids; it also improves the visibility of your mouse cursor. Customize the cursor’s highlight to match your presentation style, adjusting the color, opacity, and size to ensure it seamlessly integrates into your narrative flow. And with Presentify’s control panel, switching between the annotation tools or toggling the cursor highlight is instantaneous—especially when you utilize custom shortcuts for even greater speed.

Worried about making mistakes? The Undo/Redo feature has you covered, allowing for quick corrections. Moreover, Presentify isn’t limited to on-screen apps; draw on a blank white, green, or red background that serves as a digital whiteboard. For artists and those who love to sketch their ideas, Presentify syncs perfectly with an iPad via Sidecar, Astropad, or Duet. Use your Apple Pencil or drawing tablets like ones from XP-Pen or Wacom for fine-tuned control.

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Updates from Our Team

Ensuring that you have access to the most recent features and fixes, the Presentify team provides lovingly crafted updates to make your presentation experience even smoother. Stay up-to-date with the newest innovations to maintain a cutting-edge advantage in your presentations.

Join the Setapp community today, and not only will you get Presentify, but also access to an ever-growing library of quality apps for your Mac. Setapp’s AI search system will guide you through expert reviews and recommendations, making sure you have the best tool for every task.

Annotate Like a Pro: The Presentify Guide

Even though the included guide content isn’t provided here, you can rest assured that Presentify comes with comprehensive instructions to ensure you can make the most out of every feature. Whether you need to annotate documents during a team call, or you want to draw attention to key stats in a business report, Presentify’s guide will walk you through each process step by step.

Closing Thoughts: If you’re looking to invigorate your virtual presentations and create a more engaging experience for your audience, Presentify is a must-have tool in your arsenal. It’s user-friendly, versatile, and, most importantly, effective in making every presentation memorable. Elevate your presentation skills with Presentify on Setapp today!

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