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Discover the power of precision with QuickLens, a professional toolkit designed for developers and designers obsessed with pixel-perfect user interfaces. As a versatile UI inspection tool now available on Setapp, QuickLens offers a range of functionalities—from zooming capabilities to advanced measuring instruments—that help you refine and achieve exceptional UI design. Try QuickLens on Setapp today and enhance your design workflow with unmatched accuracy and ease.

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Inspect and Improve Your UI

Whether you’re zooming in up to 64X with the Lens to examine every pixel, or measuring distances with the intuitive Ruler, QuickLens is your go-to app for meticulous inspection. Enjoy the flexibility of sampling colors, curating palettes, and switching between color profiles effortlessly.

Check alignments with the Crosshair mode and tweak dimensions with the Frame tool to ensure everything is exactly where it should be. Export your color palettes seamlessly to HTML or JSON to streamline your workflow even further. With QuickLens by your side, say goodbye to UI inconsistencies and hello to design excellence.

Comprehensive Tools for Exceptional Design

QuickLens goes beyond traditional Photoshop Guides by offering a dynamic environment where you can set up guides across apps and websites, unlocking a new level of design adaptability. Manage your guides with ease, and enjoy the convenience of working with overlay grids, including rows, columns, and even Golden Ratio spirals.

Intricately measure angles in degrees or radians and switch units of measurement according to your project’s needs. Maximizing the potential of your designs has never been this straightforward. QuickLens equips you with sophisticated tools that simplify complexity and catalyze creativity.

Enhance Your Design Workflow with QuickLens

With the commitment to frequent updates and a continuously growing Setapp collection, QuickLens ensures you are always at the forefront of design technology. Sign up, download, and revolutionize your design processes with an AI search, comprehensive reviews, and expert recommendations. All these benefits wrapped in the secure embrace of an Apple-notarized app, meticulously scanned for any malicious software and found spotless.

Perfecting UI has never been so attainable. With QuickLens at your disposal, creating pixel-perfect designs quickly is not just a promise, it’s a reality. Get ready to bring unparalleled precision and efficiency to your design journey with QuickLens on Setapp.

Embrace the finesse of flawless user interfaces. Download QuickLens today on Setapp and transform the way you inspect, measure, and perfect UI, one pixel at a time.

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