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Are you struggling with too many open applications on your Mac that sap its performance and your productivity? Try QuitAll, a notarized app that promises enhanced multitasking management without breaking a sweat. Get QuitAll on Setapp and streamline the process of closing your applications with ease.

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Key Features

Recognized and scanned by Apple, QuitAll ensures that no malicious software will threaten your system. With its straightforward functionality, you can say goodbye to the hassle of hunting down each app to shut it down.

  • One-Click Quit: Access QuitAll from the menu bar and quit apps en masse or select the ones you don’t need, saving time and precious system resources.
  • Safe Quit: Don’t worry about losing unsaved work. QuitAll prompts you to save before quitting, ensuring that no data gets lost unintentionally.
  • Force Quit: When applications become unresponsive, QuitAll allows you to force quit them, offering a swift resolution to frozen programs.
  • Background App Management: Easily manage apps running in the background by deciding whether to keep them active or close them directly from QuitAll’s convenient menu bar helper.
  • Customization and Dark Mode: Align QuitAll’s appearance with your desktop theme using dark mode and tailor app settings, including shortcuts and launch preferences, to suit your workflow.

QuitAll is also consistently updated with love by the team, ensuring you enjoy a refined experience with each iteration.

If the heap of open apps is slowing down your Mac or you need to quickly tidy up your workspace, QuitAll is the tool to turn to. Plus, you’ll have access to the full set of powerful apps available on Setapp, with the collection ever-growing and evolving.

In conclusion, QuitAll stands out as an indispensable utility for Mac users looking to optimize performance by managing open applications effectively. Whether you’re a professional multitasker or simply wanting a decluttered digital space, QuitAll delivers on its promise with user-friendly features and a no-nonsense approach. Give your Mac a breath of fresh air and your productivity a boost by using QuitAll, available through the versatile Setapp service. Discover QuitAll on Setapp today and rediscover efficiency at the click of a button.

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