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Are you tired of the incessant beeping and dinging of app notifications, but still don’t want to miss something important? Let’s talk about Serenity, an app that promises peace without missing a beat. Try Serenity on Setapp.

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Key Features

Certified as safe by Apple itself, Serenity is more than just an ordinary notification management tool. This app lets you selectively mute notification sounds from your apps, offering a dose of tranquility while still keeping you in the loop. Here’s how it enhances your focus and productivity:

  • Custom Sound Management: Choose which apps can disturb the silence and which can’t, giving you the power to tailor your auditory environment for maximum focus.
  • Stay Informed Silently: Sip your morning coffee or gaze through the window without the jarring interruption of sounds, but still be alerted visibly to critical notifications.
  • Control Over Chaos: For those who work in a shared space or simply can’t stand the cacophony of beeps, Serenity declutters your soundscape and potentially reduces stress.
  • Convenience At Launch: Set Serenity to kickoff at login, ushering you into a serene working environment from the moment your day begins.

Switch between silent alerts and audible notifications with ease and never wade through complex settings for each app ever again. Serenity is waiting for you on Setapp.

Visual Walkthrough

Updates from the Serenity team are crafted with love, ensuring that your interaction with the app is not just functional but also pleasurable.

The bottom line is simple: Serenity is for those who yearn for a quieter digital workspace but still need to stay connected. A peaceful mind leads to productive work, and Serenity might just be the key. And remember, the entire suite of apps offered through Setapp, including Serenity, is always evolving. Sign up and download Setapp today, and cherish the stillness of notification-free focus while you work.

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