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In a digital era where artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we work, Setapp AI+ emerges as a pivotal tool for solopreneurs and early-stage startups aiming to harness this technological advancement. As an independent review platform, BizStack is excited to introduce you to Setapp’s latest innovation. To celebrate this launch, Setapp is offering an exclusive deal: 25% off any annual AI+ plan. This review will provide an objective look at what Setapp AI+ offers, its target audience, and how it compares with other AI tools in the market, all while highlighting Setapp’s limited-time launch pricing.

Setapp AI+
Unlock the full potential of AI for your business with Setapp AI+. Streamline your routines, boost creativity, and tackle a myriad of tasks with the latest in AI technology.
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What is Setapp AI+? A Leap Forward in AI-Powered Productivity

Setapp AI+ positions itself as a comprehensive solution for those looking to integrate sophisticated AI technology into their daily operations. Offering access to elite AI models like GPT-4 Turbo and Whisper-2, it promises to streamline workflows across various domains, from content creation to email management. Through apps such as Elephas for writing assistance and Ready to Send for managing emails, Setapp AI+ aims to enhance efficiency, creativity, and overall productivity.

Who Will Benefit from Setapp AI+? Exclusive 25% Off for Early Adopters

Designed with AI aficionados, solopreneurs, and startup founders in mind, Setapp AI+ is ideal for anyone eager to leverage the latest in AI to propel their business forward. Whether you’re crafting documents, summarizing extensive research, or managing a high volume of emails, Setapp AI+’s suite of applications is crafted to elevate your productivity.

Advantages of Setapp AI+: Embrace Efficiency with Special Launch Pricing

  • Elite AI at Your Fingertips: Gain unparalleled access to some of the most advanced AI technologies available, enhancing every aspect of your business operations.
  • Versatile Application Suite: With a broad array of tools like TypingMind for AI interactions and Soulver for AI-powered calculations, Setapp AI+ caters to a multitude of needs.
  • Special Launch Offer: To commemorate the launch, Setapp is extending a 25% discount on annual AI+ plans, making this cutting-edge technology more accessible.
  • Intuitive Design for All: Aimed at ensuring ease of use, Setapp AI+ allows users from any technical background to seamlessly integrate AI into their workflow.

Considerations for Setapp AI+ Users

  • Mac and iOS Focus: Most applications within Setapp AI+ are currently optimized for Mac and iOS, which may limit accessibility for users on other platforms.
  • Initial Learning Curve: Navigating through the extensive features of Setapp AI+ may require some adaptation time for maximizing its potential.

Alternatives to Setapp AI+: Comparing the Market

While Setapp AI+ distinguishes itself with its comprehensive AI toolset and special launch pricing, it’s valuable to consider other AI tools available:

Google Workspace with AI Integration

  • Pros: Broad adoption and compatibility; AI enhancements in well-known applications.
  • Cons: Specialized AI applications may not be as extensive as those in Setapp AI+.

Zapier with AI Plugins

  • Pros: Enables extensive automation and integration; adaptable to a wide range of workflows.
  • Cons: May incur higher costs and requires setup of automation workflows.

Microsoft 365 with AI Features

  • Pros: Integrates AI into popular applications; offers a broad suite of business tools.
  • Cons: Advanced AI features are often reserved for enterprise plans.

Comprehensive Setapp AI+ Pricing: Annual vs. Monthly Plans

When you’re ready to harness the power of AI with Setapp AI+, choosing the right plan is crucial for maximizing value and aligning with your usage needs. Setapp AI+ offers both annual and monthly plans across different tiers, catering to everyone from the solopreneur to the fully-fledged team. Below, we’ve detailed each plan to help you make an informed decision.

Pricing Plans Detailed Comparison

We’ve laid out both the annual and monthly plans for you, showcasing the features, credits, and device support you get with each. Whether you’re leaning towards a more flexible monthly plan or the enhanced value of an annual subscription, here’s everything you need to know:

Plan Name Payment Frequency Price Credits per Month Devices Supported Special Features
AI Expert Annual $17.99/mo 250 4 Macs, 4 iOS devices Full AI suite access including GPT-3.5/4 Turbo, Whisper, Chat with AI using images (GPT-4 Vision), Claude 2, Stable DiffusionSoon
Monthly $23.99/mo 250 4 Macs, 4 iOS devices Full AI suite access including GPT-3.5/4 Turbo, Whisper, Chat with AI using images (GPT-4 Vision), Claude 2, Stable DiffusionSoon
AI Enthusiast Annual $11.24/mo 125 1 Mac GPT-3.5/4 Turbo, Whisper, Collection of AI apps for work and growth
Monthly $14.99/mo 125 1 Mac GPT-3.5/4 Turbo, Whisper, Collection of AI apps for work and growth
Mac Annual $9.99/mo 10 1 Mac Access to the latest text, image, and audio GenAI models, AI apps for various needs
Monthly $9.99/mo 10 1 Mac Access to the latest text, image, and audio GenAI models, AI apps for various needs

Deciding Between Annual and Monthly Plans

  • Annual Plans offer the best value, reducing the monthly cost and providing a stable, long-term AI solution for your business or personal projects. They’re ideal for users committed to integrating AI into their daily workflow and looking for the most cost-effective option.
  • Monthly Plans provide flexibility and are perfect for those wanting to explore the full range of Setapp AI+ features without a long-term commitment. They allow you to adjust your plan as your needs evolve.

Making the Right Choice

  • AI Expert is the go-to for users who demand the highest level of AI assistance across multiple devices. It’s perfect for teams or individuals deeply integrated into AI-driven workflows.
  • AI Enthusiast is designed for users eager to explore AI’s potential to enhance their productivity and creativity on a single device.
  • Mac is ideal for Mac users looking to supercharge their devices with a curated selection of apps, including primary access to AI models. I’ve been subscribed to the Mac plan for some time, and it works like a charm.


Setapp AI+ brings cutting-edge AI technology to your fingertips, offering tailored plans to suit every type of user. Whether you’re all in with an annual plan or prefer to test the waters with a monthly subscription, Setapp AI+ ensures you have the tools to transform your productivity and creative endeavors. Choose your plan wisely and embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of AI.

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