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Meet Short Menu, the nifty URL shortener for Mac that slips seamlessly into your menu bar, awaiting your next long link to condense. Whether you’re an avid social media user, marketer, or just someone looking to clean up lengthy URLs, Short Menu simplifies the process with an intuitive user interface and robust features. Working across various web services can be cumbersome, especially when you aim to shorten links for sharing or organizational purposes. With Short Menu, you’ll forget the hassle of switching platforms, making streamlined sharing possible with just a few clicks.

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Key Features

Having earned the seal of approval from Apple through its notarization process, you can trust Short Menu to be a safe addition to your digital toolbox. The core function lies in its ability to shorten URLs directly from your menu bar. Copy any lengthy URL, hit the Short Menu icon, and presto, a shortened version awaits. The convenience doesn’t stop there; you can customize the app by adding multiple accounts from services like, Rebrandly, and Droplr. The preferences pane is your playground to connect, manage, and toggle between your different URL shortening accounts on the fly.

One of Short Menu’s key strengths is its unmatched flexibility. Add custom services effortlessly and manipulate GET and POST requests, encoding, and HTTP headers to suit your unique needs. Your shortened links are in good hands, as the app records every URL in its History tab and syncs them through iCloud, bridging the gap between your macOS and iOS devices.

Short Menu Icon

Auto Short is Short Menu’s vigilante feature, keeping an eye on your clipboard around the clock, transforming every long URL you copy into a shorter version, which is then automatically copied to the clipboard. Productivity enthusiasts will revel in the Quick Short feature, which allows you to create system-wide shortcuts for various tasks without needing to reach for a mouse.

How-To Guide

While a specific guide for Short Menu isn’t available here, using the app is quite intuitive. After installing it via Setapp, simply launch Short Menu, and behold as it resides conveniently in your menu bar. Venture into its preferences to connect your URL shortening services and define custom requests. Activate the Auto Short feature and watch as your copied URLs are automatically shortened without a second thought. The Quick Short feature will add more speed to your workflow, providing quick access to shortcuts that save both time and clicks.

Short Menu is a powerful yet unobtrusive tool for anyone needing to shorten URLs swiftly and securely. With its robust feature set, including Auto Short, Quick Short, and comprehensive service support, it’s an essential app for users looking to optimize their sharing workflows. Its presence on Setapp means you get this useful utility along with a plethora of other high-quality apps, all under one subscription. It’s time to embrace brevity with Short Menu and elevate your productivity.

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