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When it comes to notetaking with a powerful twist, Soulver stands out as an innovative app that helps you solve math problems and conversions directly within your text. If you’ve ever wanted a calculator that understands your natural language and integrates seamlessly with note-taking, Soulver on Setapp is the app to look into.

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Notarized by Apple, Soulver is designed with both security and utility in mind. Scanned for malicious software and found clean, the app offers peace of mind alongside its robust feature set. This handy tool in the guise of a note-taking app does more than just jot down your notes—it actively understands and performs math in your natural language text.

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Key Features

With Soulver, calculating your monthly budget, figuring out timeframes, or understanding complex ratios becomes straightforward. Avoid constant number repetition by using variables, handle currency and cryptocurrency conversions without the need for external references, and convert numerous units like weight, distance, and temperature with a simple text request.

Soulver boosts productivity by allowing you to customize your experience through preferences—adjust number and unit highlighting, add more units or time zones, and navigate with ease using labels and headings. Save your work in sheets, organize them in folders, and enjoy a seamless integration with your Mac’s Dark Mode, Spotlight, Automator, and even Terminal.

Regular updates from the Soulver team ensure that the app continues to evolve and improve, making it a worthy addition to any productivity arsenal. Here’s a snapshot:

Embrace the simplicity of note-taking combined with the powerful capability of on-the-spot calculations and conversions. Download Soulver via Setapp and elevate the way you work with numbers. Try it out and join the revolution of streamlined productivity.


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