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Anxieties about public speaking are common, but with the right tools and practice, anyone can become a persuasive and confident speaker. Enter Speeko, the AI-powered public speaking coach available on Setapp that aims to transform the way you communicate. Whether you’re preparing for an important interview, a pivotal business presentation, or want to improve your clarity in virtual meetings, Speeko provides a comprehensive environment for you to hone your skills.

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Key Features

Get better at public speaking with Speeko. This innovative app integrates with a host of virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. It provides you with precise feedback on various speaking aspects, including your pace, pauses, intonation, and enunciation, while ensuring that your sensitive information stays private, stored directly on your device.

With Speeko’s arsenal of features, you can:

  • Record and analyze your speaking sessions, with support for virtual meeting software.
  • Work through a library of common interview questions in timed sessions for thorough preparation.
  • Receive detailed reports based on your recordings with insights to enhance your speaking abilities.
  • Get matched with interactive exercises tailored to your speaking style, aiding continuous improvement.
  • Partake in daily vocal warm-ups to maintain an expressive and engaging voice.
  • Access hundreds of hours of interactive courses on a variety of topics to further expand your skill set.
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Public Speaking Mastery with Speeko

Speeko doesn’t just analyze; it educates. Consistency is key in mastering any skill, and this app ensures that you’re constantly progressing with a suite of interactive exercises. To help you keep your skills sharp and polish them to shine, Speeko engages you in activities that nudge you out of your comfort zone, using your voice in dynamic and challenging ways. From managing pre-speech jitters to delivering powerful stories and commanding online presentations, Speeko’s curriculum is designed to cover the A to Z of public oratory.

No specific guide content is provided for Speeko here, but users can discover a wealth of knowledge within the app’s courses, exercises, and direct feedback mechanisms. The consistent updates from the Speeko team, driven by a passion for effective communication, mean that new and engaging content is frequently added for users to enjoy and learn from.

Through its integration with Setapp, Speeko not only offers a streamlined public speaking coaching tool but also becomes part of a set of other high-quality apps aimed at enhancing productivity and creativity. Sign up and download Setapp to explore reviews, recommendations, and utilize the AI search functionality to find the perfect tools for your needs. All apps on Setapp, including Speeko, are yours to use, with the collection continuously growing. Elevate your public speaking abilities and confidence by joining Setapp and start utilizing Speeko today.

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