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Dealing with a cluttered digital workspace can be as frustrating as a messy desk. Introducing Spotless, the ingeniously simple utility app that organizes your files on a Mac with minimum input and maximum efficiency. Now available on Setapp, Spotless promises to turn the chaos of your computer’s files and folders into a well-ordered collection with ease.

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Key Features

Spotless is a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to keep their Mac tidy without constant manual intervention. Its key features include:

  • Automatic sorting: Drop a file into Spotless, and watch as it automatically sorts and organizes files into the right place within your computer’s library.
  • Drag and drop: With a native extension for your desktop, you can simply drag files to the Drop Target icon in your menu bar to initiate the organization process.
  • Scheduled cleaning: Set Spotless to run its sorting magic at a time that suits you, ensuring your files are organized even when you’re not around.
  • Complex rule creation: Create specific rules that cater to your organizational needs, grouping several actions together for deep cleaning.
  • Smart archiving: Reduce duplications by organizing files into folders and scheduling regular backups to external drives.
  • Conflict resolution: With default actions and a preview option, handle conflicts to avoid accidental deletions and ensure everything is in its right place.
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Optimize Your File Management

Using Spotless, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your Mac will stay organized effortlessly. The app is notarized by Apple, ensuring a safe and secure experience for users.

With its simple setup, Spotless allows you to define actions that resonate with how you like your files sorted. Whether you prefer to copy, send, or move files, Spotless adapts to your workflow. Thanks to the SETAPP team’s updates, written with love, the app is continually evolving to cater to user needs.

Enjoy the life-changing magic of a tidy digital space by setting Spotless to work when you’re not at your desk. Whether that’s Tuesdays at 2 am or Sundays at 8 pm, Spotless’s scheduling allows you to maintain an organized file system around the clock.

Effortless Conflict Management

Take charge of your digital organization with confidence. Spotless features a robust process manager that gives you the power to decide the fate of every file and folder, with options to review actions before they’re fully automated. This way, Spotless ensures that your files are managed accurately and according to your preferences.

Ready to elevate your Mac’s file system to a level of organization that would impress even the most diligent librarian? Spotless on Setapp is your seamless solution. With automatic sorting, scheduled cleanups, and customized rules, you can finally say goodbye to digital disarray. Download Spotless through Setapp and embrace the ease of a perpetually organized Mac.

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