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For digital creators, photography enthusiasts, and website managers, large high-resolution images are both a blessing and a curse. While they capture the richness and detail of visuals, they also hog precious space and slow down website loading times. Enter Squash, a powerful image compression tool for Mac that addresses these issues head-on. Dramatically reduce image sizes, convert various file types, and fine-tune your photos with ease, all without sacrificing quality.

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Key Features

Squash offers a suite of features designed to make managing your image repository a breeze:

  • Compress and Resize Images: Tackle large file sizes by using Squash to shrink images individually or in bulk without a noticeable loss in quality.
  • Bulk Edit Photos: Enhance images by adjusting blur, vibrancy, sharpness, or by applying filters for a consistent look across your photo library.
  • Image Conversion: Conveniently convert images between JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WebP, or AVIF formats.
  • Bulk Rename Files: Organize your files with custom prefixes, suffixes, or complete name changes.
  • Watermarking: Protect your images by adding text or image-based watermarks with adjustable fonts, colors, and opacity levels.
  • Metadata Removal: Enhance privacy by stripping away GPS and camera model metadata from your photos.

All these features come packaged in an app that has been notarized by Apple, guaranteeing a malware-free experience.

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In conclusion, Squash is an indispensable utility for anyone looking to manage their digital images effectively. Its ability to process images in batches, combined with its easy-to-use interface, makes it an ideal tool for professionals and hobbyists alike who require streamlined workflows for their visual content. As part of the Setapp subscription service, Squash comes with the added benefit of updates and support, ensuring that your image processing stays top-notch. Download Squash through Setapp today and take the first step towards efficient image management.

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