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Key Takeaways

  • Superhuman, an AI-powered email platform, offers a two-month free subscription.
  • I have been using it for over a year now, and it’s one of the best investments I ever made in a software tool.
  • Sign up through my referral link to avail the offer. The offer is valid until December 31, 2023.
  • Superhuman is designed for high-performing teams, offering features like Superhuman AI, Autocorrect, Auto Summarize, and more.

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Superhuman, the AI-powered email tool, is making waves with its latest offer – two months of free access, a $60 value, at no cost to you! If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your inbox, now’s your chance to experience a revolution in email management. By signing up through my referral link, you can join the ranks of high-performing professionals who are redefining productivity. Let’s dive into what Superhuman offers and how you can seize this incredible opportunity.

Superhuman’s Progress in 2023: Insights from CEO Rahul Vohra

In his 2023 Recap video, Superhuman CEO Rahul Vohra discusses the developments and updates made to Superhuman over the past year. This section provides a summary of the key points from the video.

Overview of 2023 Updates:

  • Superhuman AI: The introduction of Superhuman AI, which allows users to write messages in their own style, has seen increased adoption, with an average usage of 25 times per week per user.
  • Autocorrect Feature: This new feature aims to enhance typing speed by 30 to 50%, and it is now available in French, Spanish, and English.
  • Auto Summarize: An AI feature that provides one-line summaries above each email conversation, updating automatically with new emails.
  • Calendar Functionality: 2023 saw several improvements in calendar features, including customization options and integration with Outlook calendars.
  • Expansion to New Platforms: Superhuman launched versions for Windows and Android, broadening its accessibility.
  • Get Me To Zero: A feature designed to help users manage their inboxes more efficiently.
  • Superhuman for Teams: This update introduced specific functionalities for team use, such as Team Snippets and Team Scheduling.

Rahul Vohra also mentions the significant increase in teams using Superhuman and gives a brief outlook on what to expect in 2024, including more AI capabilities and features for sales and team collaboration.

Superhuman’s Email Solution: Efficiency Redefined

AI-Driven Performance

Superhuman stands out in the realm of email management with its AI-powered features tailored for efficiency. This technology enables users to navigate through their emails faster, potentially halving the time typically spent on email management. Key to this efficiency is Superhuman’s ability to auto-generate emails using AI, which adapts to the user’s writing style, ensuring a natural and personal touch to automated responses​​​.

Autocorrect and Auto Summarize: Enhancing Email Productivity

The platform’s autocorrect functionality surpasses traditional email clients like Gmail and Outlook. It addresses a broad range of typing errors, from simple typos to punctuation mistakes, streamlining the typing process. Additionally, the Auto Summarize feature provides concise, one-line summaries of email threads, offering a quick overview and potentially reducing the need for reading entire conversations​​.

Compatibility and Team Dynamics

Superhuman integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook, making it adaptable for various team environments. The platform is designed to cater to diverse team needs, including those in sales, marketing, leadership, and customer success. Features like Split Inbox and Team Snippets are especially useful for managing high-volume inboxes and ensuring error-free, customized responses​​​​.

In essence, Superhuman’s blend of AI-driven features and compatibility with mainstream email platforms positions it as a valuable tool for teams seeking to optimize their email handling. While it promises a reduction in email management time, its real value lies in the potential for increased focus and productivity in the workplace.

Accessing Superhuman’s Offer: Using the Referral Link

To utilize the special offer from Superhuman, follow these straightforward steps:

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  3. You’ll get two free months immediately.

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Aiming for Efficient Email Management

Time-Saving Strategies

Superhuman provides several features intended to save time on email management:

  • AI-driven drafting and filtering options are available, though the actual time saved will depend on how these features are used by individual teams.

Customization Options

The platform allows for a degree of customization to fit individual user preferences, which could enhance the user experience based on personal workflow needs.

Enhancing Team Communication with Superhuman’s Features

Team Communication Tools

Superhuman’s suite is designed to streamline team communication, although it’s worth noting the specifics and real-world effectiveness can vary:

  • Snippets allow for quick responses with pre-set phrases.
  • Team Read Statuses and Reply Indicators provide insights into email engagement within a team, although their impact on actual productivity depends on the team’s usage habits.

Calendar Features

Superhuman integrates with common calendaring tools, which could potentially simplify scheduling tasks:

  • Integrations with services like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams are available.
  • The effectiveness of these features in improving scheduling efficiency would depend on individual and team usage patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Superhuman unique from other email clients?

Superhuman differentiates itself from standard email tools through its AI-powered features, speed, and efficiency, saving teams significant time and reducing email anxiety. It’s designed for high-performing teams and integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook, offering a more productive email experience​.

How does Superhuman integrate with my current email setup?

Superhuman is compatible with Gmail and Outlook, allowing for easy integration into existing email setups. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition for teams migrating to Superhuman.

How does Superhuman ensure data security?

Superhuman employs robust security measures to protect user data, including compliance with SOC II Type II standards and Google Advanced Protection, ensuring data privacy and user trust​.


Superhuman is not just an email tool; it’s a productivity enhancer that transforms how teams interact with their inbox. Don’t miss out on this chance to try Superhuman for free. Remember, this exclusive offer is available only through this referral link. Elevate your email game with Superhuman today!

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