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Organizing tasks and starting productive days have never been easier with TaskPaper, a to-do list app crafted beautifully for Mac. Experience effortless task management with its plain-text system and enjoy a sense of achievement as you cross things off your list. Get started on your journey to Getting Things Done with TaskPaper – it’s simplicity and efficacy at its best.

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Key Features

Notarized by Apple: Rest assured knowing that TaskPaper has been scanned for malicious software and comes with a clean bill of health from Apple.

Plain-text Task Management: TaskPaper’s elementary syntax lets you focus on your tasks without unnecessary complexity. With quick shortcuts for structure and formatting, you’ll find jotting down tasks faster, moving you swiftly to the execution stage.

Universal App Logic: Edit your lists on any device thanks to the universal logic of plain text. This means seamless syncing and updating across all your devices.

Automatic Project Creation: Task management becomes intuitive with TaskPaper. Simply ending a line with a colon turns it into a project, and tasks are as easy as starting a line with a dash.

Tagging for Organization: Utilize tags to organize tasks and priorities efficiently, collapsing or expanding lists for a better project overview.

Advanced Search: TaskPaper isn’t just a list app—it’s a robust project environment with an advanced search language for powerful queries.

Integration with Apple’s Reminders: Attach dates to tasks and sync with the Reminders app for unfailing schedule tracking.

Customization and Themes: Personalize TaskPaper using a stylesheet editor for fonts, colors, and overall appearance. Dive into creating or downloading fan themes to make TaskPaper truly your own.

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Take a sneak peek at TaskPaper’s user-friendly interface:

TaskPaper is the ultimate simplification of task management, marrying the ease of plain text with the sophistication of advanced features. Whether you’re planning your daily chores or complex projects, TaskPaper on Setapp adapts to your needs, making it a staple for Mac users seeking productivity and organization. Sign up and explore TaskPaper alongside an ever-growing collection of quality apps on Setapp written with love by our team.

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