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Bluetooth connectivity on Mac just got a whole lot more manageable with “ToothFairy,” the ultimate convenience for those who frequently switch between various Bluetooth devices. Managing connections to your AirPods, headphones, keyboards, and more is now just a click away. Let’s explore how ToothFairy can enhance your wireless experience on your Mac.

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Key Features

Effortless Bluetooth Connections: ToothFairy streamlines the process of connecting to Bluetooth devices. With a simple click on the menu bar icon, toggle your devices on or off such as AirPods, making it easier to switch from your Mac to your iPhone.

Automatic Launch & Customization: This app is ready whenever you start your day by auto-launching upon login. Customize your menu bar with unique icons for each device and craft handy hotkeys for convenience.

Codec Optimization: Swap to the high-quality AAC codec from the default SCO codec for a sublime audio output experience when microphone input is not required.

Connection Indicators: At a glance, check which devices are connected and monitor their battery levels with the menu bar interface.

Advanced Features: ToothFairy is not just about connections. Set it up to prevent accidental disconnections, enhance audio quality, or even execute custom shell scripts when a device is connected or disconnected.

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How-To Guide

The guide section is missing in the context provided; however, typically, getting started with ToothFairy involves a few simple steps. After installing the app from Setapp, open it, and pair your Bluetooth devices. Customize the icons and hotkeys in the app’s preferences and use these to switch connections as you move between devices.

ToothFairy is a superb tool for Mac users who enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth without the hassle. Its thoughtful features bring efficiency and a personalized touch to your wireless device management. It’s clear that ToothFairy is made with love for users who value both simplicity and power in their daily tech usage. And with the trust of being notarized by Apple, you can be confident in its security and reliability. If you’re ready for seamless Bluetooth management on your Mac, ToothFairy on Setapp awaits to transform your wireless experience.

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