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Traveling can be one of life’s most enriching experiences, but without a reliable planning tool, it can also be among the most stressful. That’s where Tripsy comes in, the digital travel journal that keeps everything organized for you! Whether you’re a casual traveler or a seasoned adventurer, this comprehensive planner available on Setapp is here to make your next journey effortless. Try Tripsy on Setapp and transform your trip planning experience.

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Key Features

Notarized by Apple, Tripsy is an app that ensures your planning is as smooth as your travels. Allowing you to plan every step of your trip, from start to finish, Tripsy keeps all your details neatly organized. With the ability to sort your agenda into intuitive categories such as dining, entertainment, and sightseeing, it has never been easier to keep track of your itinerary.

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Customize each trip visually by choosing a unique background color or uploading an image. As you travel, you can even update your digital travel journal with personal photos, videos, and notes and create a gallery of memories to share or look back on fondly. If you’re traveling in a group, Tripsy makes collaboration simple by allowing trip details to be shared with friends and family for joint planning.

Moreover, Tripsy offers a convenient iOS widget so you can glance at your upcoming trips from your home screen. This ensures that you’re always just one tap away from your well-planned adventures—and with Setapp, you’re granted access to Tripsy alongside an ever-expanding collection of high-quality apps.

How-To Guide

Navigate and explore Tripsy’s intuitive interface to add and organize your travel plans. Jump right into customizing your journey with Tripsy’s straightforward categories and visually engaging layout. Don’t fret if a guide is needed; Tripsy’s use is as breezy as a vacation itself, but the support is there if you ever need it.

Updates from the Tripsy team are penned with love, ensuring that your travel companion app continues to evolve and improve. Sign up and download Tripsy via Setapp on your Mac, where an entire world of reviewed and recommended apps awaits. With an AI-driven search tool and a growing collection at your fingertips, Setapp is the ultimate gateway to elevating your software experience on Mac and iOS.

In conclusion, If you’re keen on making your upcoming getaway more organized and memorable, Tripsy on Setapp is your ticket to peace of mind. With its impeccable design and user-friendly functionality, you’re not just planning a trip—you’re crafting your next great adventure. Ready to embark? Get started with Tripsy and Setapp today.

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