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Organizing your time and staying on top of your schedule can often be a juggling act, especially if you’re relying on various calendar apps that don’t quite sync with your workflow. That’s where WallCal steps in as a visual game-changer for managing your daily, weekly, and monthly agendas directly from your Mac desktop. Try WallCal on Setapp and experience the convenience of an always-on calendar that integrates elegance with functionality.

Key Features of WallCal

Notarized by Apple, WallCal ensures a secure user experience, free from malicious software. The app’s main attraction is its ability to pin a clear calendar to your desktop. With WallCal, you get to merge all your calendars into one transparent view that’s always visible while you work on other tasks. Although it doesn’t offer event editing features, it excels at display functionality.

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WallCal is all about customization. Whether you prefer to see your day’s agenda, a full month, or just the week ahead, WallCal adapts to your preferences. Plus, you can specify the exact number of days and the time range in your week view, showing or hiding individual calendars as needed.

Adjustability extends to the aesthetics as well. From view size to color adjustment and transparency levels, you have the tools to make WallCal complement your desktop environment perfectly. Those with multi-monitor setups will appreciate being able to pin the calendar to a second monitor for better visibility across workspaces.

To accommodate your non-scheduled tasks, WallCal lets you display your to-do list. This feature ensures that even tasks without a specific time slot remain in your sight, helping to keep your goals for the day clear. And with a simple click or hotkey, you can bring WallCal to the forefront whenever needed.

Customization doesn’t stop there. You can set WallCal to display only certain calendar sets for a tailored view. Furthermore, the app supports multiple languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and German, catering to a global audience.

How-To Guide

There are no detailed guides provided for WallCal, but its intuitive design makes it straightforward to use right from the start.

In conclusion, WallCal is a sleek, transparent calendar app that promises to enhance your productivity by keeping your schedule visible at all times. The app’s focus on customization ensures it can be tailored to fit any workflow and desktop aesthetic. While WallCal is a display-only app and won’t replace your calendar management software, it certainly acts as an excellent complement to it. Give WallCal a try on Setapp and bring clarity to your planning with this beautiful calendar viewer for Mac.

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