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Discover the seamless way to manage your iconography with Webfont on Setapp. As a one-stop solution for creating and organizing icon fonts, this tool is invaluable for designers and developers looking to streamline their workflow.

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Notarized by Apple, Webfont is a trustworthy addition to any creator’s toolkit. It has passed stringent checks for malicious software, ensuring a secure, reliable experience for its users.

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Key Features

Create and customize icon fonts effortlessly with Webfont’s user-friendly interface. Drop your vector icons into a project, make your customizations, and export your font to be used anywhere. Managing multiple projects is a breeze thanks to the app’s well-organized library — ensuring no project gets lost in the shuffle.

Collaboration has never been easier. Share your fonts with other designers and developers, invite them to contribute, and maintain a controlling grip on your evolving font library. Updates are straightforward, so your work is always current and sharable with anyone — just send a link that provides access to all associated font files and stylesheets.

The app supports a wide array of font formats, including eot, woff, and woff2, as well as several stylesheet templates like CSS, Less, and SCSS. And when it’s time to grow your font collection or refresh existing ones, Webfont makes it as simple as dragging and dropping new icons into your fonts, automatically updating them for export and use.

Join the Setapp community today and harness the full potential of Webfont on your Mac. Enjoy the power of AI search, read through comprehensive reviews, and gain access to a continuously expanding collection of high-quality apps tailored to maximize your productivity.

Ready to elevate your design and development work with custom icon fonts? Download Webfont on Setapp and take the first step towards a more organized, collaborative and efficient font management process.

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