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When it comes to web development, efficiency and convenience are king. Whisk emerges as an innovative HTML and PHP editor that offers a seamless live preview capability as you code. It is an essential tool for developers looking for speed and precision, compatible with Big Sur and Apple Silicon. To get started, why not Try Whisk on Setapp and elevate your coding experience?

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Key Features

The brilliance of Whisk lies in its live preview feature, which is based on Safari’s rendering engine. This capability allows you to witness your HTML and PHP codes taking shape in real-time, without the need to constantly save and refresh. Here’s what makes Whisk an indispensable tool:

  • Live Preview: Observe your web page come to life as you type, with updates appearing instantly when you edit any files associated with the page.
  • W3C-Based Validation: Whisk ensures the accuracy of your code by highlighting errors, guiding you through the troubleshooting process.
  • Customizable Syntax Highlighting: Personalize your editing experience with different themes and colors that make it easier to navigate through code.
  • Resource List and Change Tracking: Stay organized with an automatically generated list of page resources and file change tracking.
  • Reusable Code Snippets: Boost your productivity by saving and reusing code snippets for common tasks.
  • Scroll Sync: Effortlessly align your code with the live preview as you scroll through both simultaneously.
  • Apple Silicon Compatibility: Whether you have an older Mac model or the latest with Apple Silicon, Whisk operates at a blazing speed thanks to its Universal app architecture.

Moreover, care has been taken to make sure Whisk is safe and secure for your device; it’s duly notarized by Apple and free from any malicious software.

As the boundaries of web development are constantly pushed forward, having a tool that adapts to your workflow while providing instant feedback is invaluable. Whisk offers just that—an intelligent and responsive editor that fits seamlessly into the modern developer’s toolkit. Sign up and download Whisk through Setapp, to not only enjoy Whisk but also explore a vast collection of quality apps curated for professionals like you. Ready to whisk away the coding hassle? Begin your journey today!

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