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Maximize your productivity and enhance the file management experience on your Mac with Yoink, an elegantly designed utility that streamlines the drag-and-drop process. Designed to create a temporary holding spot for files, text, or images, Yoink simplifies the way you move and organize content between apps and documents, effectively acting as a shelf for your transitionary items. Discover how Yoink can alter your workflow for the better, making drag and drop faster and more efficient on your Mac.

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Key Features

Notarized by Apple, Yoink is a safe addition to your digital toolbox, ensuring no malicious software lurks within. But what truly makes it stand out are the features crafted to improve your drag-and-drop experience:

  • Customizable window size and position, with six location options for optimal screen placement.
  • Preferences to define when Yoink should appear, merging seamlessly into Finder’s flow for file management.
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts for moving and copying files, similar to Finder’s commands.
  • Automatic activation when dragging or moving items to the edge of the screen for continuous work.
  • Integration with Yoink for iPhone and iPad, facilitating cross-device file transfer if your Mac supports Handoff.
  • Capability to handle multiple items by creating stacks, making organization and batch transfers effortless.
  • Clipboard History Widget to keep track of up to 20 copied items accessible from the Notification Center.
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How Yoink Enhances Your Workflow

While the Yoink app doesn’t require you to alter your workflow, it subtly improves it. The tool integrates instantly, relying on familiar Finder operations to move and copy files. It saves time and effort by removing the need to align windows perfectly for file transfers. Instead, its activation on drag or when moving items to the edge of the screen means it’s always there when you need it, without being intrusive.

For those invested in the Apple ecosystem, Yoink’s capability to pair with its iOS counterparts can be a game changer. Easily drag items from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad, blurring the lines between your devices for a truly integrated experience. The app’s simplicity doesn’t stop there; it reduces complexities by allowing you to organize stacks of items or recall any of your last 20 copied items directly from Yoink’s interface or the Clipboard History Widget.

Empower your Mac’s drag-and-drop capabilities with Yoink, and discover a more efficient way to manage files and content on your desktop. With its reliable performance and intuitive design, it’s no surprise that Yoink is a favorite among productivity enthusiasts. For those who desire an uncomplicated yet powerful tool to upgrade their workflow, Yoink, available on Setapp, is the perfect solution.

Get Yoink on Setapp now and experience the difference in your daily file handling tasks.

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