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Transform your cherished black-and-white memories into vibrant photographs with PhotosRevive on Setapp, an ingenious app that harnesses AI to breathe color into each pixel.

Imagine reliving the past not in the monochrome hues that time mandated, but in the full spectrum of color. With PhotosRevive on Setapp, now you can. Not just another app, PhotosRevive is an enchanting blend of nostalgia and technology, bringing your old black-and-white shots into the vivid present with AI’s help.

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Key Features of PhotosRevive

Notarized by Apple, PhotosRevive guarantees a safe experience, devoid of any malicious software. This intuitive app unlocks the colors hidden within black-and-white photos using advanced AI technology. Whether you wish to see how historical images would appear today or you want to add a dash of color to family heirlooms, PhotosRevive is a simple yet powerful solution.

If you aim to inject some reality into these archives or achieve a specific aesthetic, you have the creative control to guide the AI. Introduce color points for higher accuracy, or fine-tune the brightness, contrast, and more to your taste. Whether drawing from existing libraries in Photos or Finder or scanning new images using the app’s built-in feature, PhotosRevive integrates seamlessly into your workflow.

Leveraging the versatility of both Mac and iOS platforms, PhotosRevive is as mobile as you are. Colorize on the go with your iPhone or iPad, or settle in for a session on your Mac. No need for specialized equipment—just the magic of AI at your fingertips. And for those who live in the Photos app, the PhotosRevive extension allows in-app editing, maintaining your immersion in those precious moments.

Bringing Old Photos Back to Life: A How-To Guide

Giving color to the past is effortless with PhotosRevive. Start by importing photographs and selecting the ‘Colorize’ option. If you have multiple images, the AI can process them in batches with ‘Colorize All’. Once you’ve specified the save location, prepare to be mesmerized as the AI works its magic, giving you colored images that retain the charm of the original but with a new, vibrant twist.

To enhance the experience on the iPhone, download PhotosRevive and utilize the app to scan and colorize photos without needing a Mac. Although you will need a “Mac + iOS” or “Power User” plan from Setapp to access the iOS version, the convenience it offers is unmatched.

Some memories may call for a personal touch, and PhotosRevive acknowledges that no algorithm is flawless. The manual editing feature grants a second chance to each photograph. Hit “Unsatisfied?” to enter editing mode, where you can adjust contrast, brightness, and color points, finessing the AI’s interpretation to better match your vision or memories.

Ready to transform your archives into a colorful journey through time? Try PhotosRevive on Setapp today and let the innovative AI usher your black-and-white memories into the colorful present.

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